Ancient Coinage of Palestine, Sepphoris

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Hendin 586Judaea, Agrippa II AE22. Struck under Nero at the mint of Sepphoris in Galilee during the Jewish War in 67-68 AD. L ΔI NEΡΩNO KΛAYΔIOY KAICAΡO C, six line within circle in wreath / EΠI OYECΠACIANOY EΡHNOΠOΛI NEΡΩNIA CEΡΦΩ, two crossed cornucopias, caduceus between. TextImage
Hendin 906Trajan AE27 of Sepphoris, Judaea. TΡAIANOΣ AVTOKΡATΩΡ EΔΩKEN, laureate head right / ΣEΠΦΩ-ΡHNΩN within wreath. TextImage
Hendin 907Trajan AE22 of Sepphoris, Judaea. TΡAIANOΣ AYTOKΡATΩΡ EΔΩKEN, laureate head right / ΣEΠ-ΦΩ ΡH-NΩN, date palm tree. BMC 5, Rosenberger 4. TextImage
Hendin 908Trajan AE 19mm of Galilaea, Sepphoris. Laureate head right / Filleted caduceus. Rosenberger 5, SNG ANS 1092, BMC 14.TextImage
Hendin 909Trajan AE15 mm of Sepphoris in Galilee. Laureate bust right / two corn ears.TextImage
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