Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Alexandria Katisson (Alexandria ad Issum)

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Lindgren III 768Alexandria ad Issum, Cilicia, AE15. 100-0 BC. 3.22g. ALEXANDREWN, Laureate bust of Poseidon right / KAT ICCON, Dolphin right, trident behind. SNG Lev Supp. 432 (this coin); Lindgren III 768.TextFull Size
SNG France 2406Alexandria ad Issum, Cilicia, 2nd-1st Cent. BC; AE20 6.84g. Head of Alexander as youthful Herakles, right, wearing lionskin / ALEXANDREWN, Zeus standing left, holding wreath and sceptre; SUR and EP monograms in left field. SNG France 2406; SNG Levante 1834; SNG von Aulock 5464.TextFull Size
SNG France 2409Alexandria ad Issum, Cilicia, 2nd-1st Cent. BC; AE 19mm, 5,07gr. Head of Alexander as youthful Herakles, right, wearing lionskin / ALEXANDREWN, Zeus, fully draped, standing left, holding wreath in raised right hand. ANR monogram in left field, all within wreath. Levante, Alexandreia 41; SNG France 2409.TextFull Size
Weber 7498Commodus, AE17 of Alexandria ad Issum; Cilicia, 2.91 gr. 177192 AD. AY KOMMODOC ANTWNEIN, laureate head right / ALEXANDRIO, Dionysus standing left, holding thyrsos. Levante in NC 1971, 84; Weber 7498.TextFull Size
TLA 36712Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, AE33 of Alexandreia Katisson, Cilicia. Dated Pompeian-Cilician Era 261 = AD 193-194. AYT KAI LOY CE CEOYHROC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / IOVLIA DOMNA CEB ALEX KAT, draped bust of Julia Domna right; date AXC to right. (both letters X engraved as retrograde Z). Timeline Auctions 36712; Burstein 942 otherwise unpublished. Possibly only the second known.TextFull Size

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