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DM 84 Pattern Proof Half Guinea, 1763. George III. Engraved by Yeo. Plain edge. GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA, Short-haired laureate head right, curls over the left shoulder / Crowned coat of arms. Text Image
ESC 152 Copper Die-Trial Bank Dollar, 1804. George III. Bank of England issue. ESC-152. S-3768 for type. Leaf in center, stop after REX & upright K. TextImage
ESC 1240 Pattern silver Shilling, 1778. George III. Old Bust. Engraved by Yeo or Tanner. GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIS, laureate, draped bust right / four coats of arms around radiate wheel, date 1778 above. TextImage
ESC 1645 Pattern Sixpence, 1790. ESC-1645. Silver. By Droz. Britannia seated left. / Crowned initials within wreath. Text Image
ESC 170 Pattern Bank Dollar, 1798. ESC-170. Struck in Copper. George III. Bust right / Crowned shield. Text Image
ESC 181 Pattern Garter silver Crown, 1804. George III. ESC-181. Rare. Bank of England emergency issue pattern. GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA, laureate, draped bust right / FIDEI DEFENSOR BRITANNIARUM REX, 1804 DOLLAR, Garter circle and the Hanover shield within. Text Image
ESC 194A George III, 1811 Pattern Bank of England. GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA, laureate, draped bust right / BANK OF ENGLAND five shillings & SIXPENCE 1811, Britannia seated left, resting left arm on shield, holding spear. By C. H. Kuchler. Text Image
ESC 221 Pattern silver Webb & Mills Crown (1820). ESC-221; KM-PnB80. George III. Plain edge. GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA, laureate, draped bust right / Four shields of the British countries with rose, trefoil, thistle and horse between them.TextImage
Forrer P170 Pattern Halfcrown, 1799. Forrer-Vol II, p.170. Copper. 33 mm. Struck by Colonel Fullerton.TextImage
Forrer P170Cu Pattern Shilling, 1799. Forrer-Vol II, p.170. Copper striking. 24.5 mm.TextImage
Forrer P170S Pattern Shilling, 1799. Forrer-Vol II, p.170. Silver. 24.5 mm. Struck by Colonel Fullerton. TextImage
Milton 6p Pattern Sixpence, 1799. Struck in white metal. Milton for Col. Fullerton.Text Image
MS66 BNGeorge III 1807 Penny Bank of England token issue. GEORGIUS III D G REX, 1807 below, laureate, draped bust right / BRITANNIA, Britannia seated left, holding a trident in her left hand and a spray in right; shield of Union Jack at her side, ship in the background at lower left. MS66 BN.TextImage
Peck 966 Pattern Halfpenny, 1788. Peck-966. Brown gilt. By Droz. Edge: Render To CAEsar. George III, laureate head right. / Britannia seated. Text Image
Peck 968 Pattern Halfpenny, 1788. Peck-968. Bronze. By Droz. Edge: Render To CAEsar The Things Which Are CAEsars. George III, laureate head right. / Britannia seated. Text Image
Peck 971 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1790. George III. P-971, design by Droz. Bronzed. Text Image
Peck 994 Pattern Halfpenny, Undated (c.1790). Peck-994. Bronze. By Droz. A pattern featuring a Nude version of Britannia seated, pointing left, paddle behind shield; no legend. Text Image
Peck 1023 Pattern mule halfpenny, 1790. P-1023 but a mule reverse, the famous nude Britannia harkening back to Queen Anne's days. Text Image
Peck 1051 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1795. George III. P-1051. So-called Light Bronzed finish. Very scarce. Classic Kuchler design with a smallish, cameo head of the king inside the soon-to-be-familiar raised wide rim, decorated with an incuse legend including "SOHO" proudly displayed beneath the bust. On the back, a youngish looking Britannia seated on a bare globe holding shield and spear, pointing west with an outreached arm. She sits within another wide rim, fashioned at its bottom into a cartouche suggestive of a ship's prow. Text Image
Peck 1096 Pattern Penny, 1797. Peck-1096. Struck in bronzed copper on a thin flan. Helmeted Britannia seated left on a globe. Text Image
Peck 1122 Pattern penny, 1797. George III, Soho issue. P-1122. Small laureate & draped bust facing right. Text Image
Peck 1152 Gilt Proof Halfpenny, 1797. Peck-1152. Grained edge. George III, head right. / Seated Britannia. Text Image
Peck 1204 Pattern copper Farthing, 1798. George III. P-1204. Early Soho issue. Engraved by Kuchler. Text Image
Peck 1243 Pattern Gilt copper Halfpenny, 1799. George III. P-1243. S-3778 for type. Late Soho. Accepted design for the famous Third Issue struck at Birmingham by Boulton & Watt. TextImage
Text Image
Peck 1245 Pattern Halfpenny, 1799. Peck-1245. Bronze. George III. Text Image
Peck 1258 Pattern Halfpenny, 1799. Peck-1258. Restrike. Bronze. George III, Crowned bust right. / Seated Britannia. Text Image
Peck 1294 Pattern penny, 1805. George III, Soho issue. P-12954; restrike by Taylor of the Kuchler dies. Plain edge. Text Image
Peck 1309 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1805. George III. P-1309. Bronzed restrike. Text Image
Peck 1313 Pattern Twopence, 1805. Peck-1313. Bronze. By Taylor. Restrike. George III. Draped bust right with K on shoulder. / Britannia seated on rock with shield. Text Image
Peck 1361 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1806. George III. P-1361. Bronzed. Late Soho. Text Image
Peck 1362 Pattern Gilt copper Halfpenny, 1806. George III. P-1362. Late Soho. Text Image
Peck 1364 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1806. George III. P-1364. Late Soho. Text Image
Peck 1371 Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1806. George III. P-1371. Late Soho. Text Image
Peck 1383 Halfpenny, 1807. Peck-1383. Restrike. Bronze. Plain edge. George III. Text Image
Seaby #3724A George III AV 2 Guineas pattern of 1773, by Tanner. WR-80.
Seaby #3727 Rose Guinea, 1772. S.3727; Fr-354; KM-600. George III, 3rd laureate head. Not in the Terner collection.
Seaby #3728 George III AV Guinea. Dated 1774. Laureate Fourth head right / Crowned coat-of-arms within ornate frame. Cf. Schneider 609.
Seaby #3729 House of Hanover. George III (1760–1820). AV guinea (8.26 gm). 1790. Laureate head right (fifth type) / Crowned coat of arms. Seaby 3729. KM 609.
Seaby #3730 Guinea, 1813. S.3730; Fr-357; KM-664. George III, 6th (Military) Head. Final type of guinea, struck only during this one year.
Seaby #3731Half Guinea, 1762. S.3731; Fr-358; KM-593. Geroge III. First laureate head.
Seaby #3732 Half Guinea, 1764. S.3732; Fr-359; KM-599. George III. Second head. So called rose type, for its resemblance to the outline of an open (Tudor) rose.
Seaby #3734 Half Guinea, 1784. S.3734; Fr-361; KM-605. George III, 4th Head.
Seaby #3735Gold Proof Half Guinea, 1787. George III. S-3735. WR-130. Plain edge. 5th laureate bust of the king, called the Spade style because of the shape of the reverse shield.
Holst 63
Seaby #3735 imitation
Game Token, 19th century, brass imitation Spade Half Guinea made by WCB & Co., Birmingham. GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA, laureate head right / W.C.B.ET.CO.DG.IT.REX.FD.B.I.R.M. 1790, crowned coat of arms. (Legend of the genuine coins is M.B.F.ET.H.REX.F.D.B.ET.L.D.S.R.I.A.T.ET.E.). The reverse legend of this game token has the name and town of the makers, "W.C.B. ET CO... B.I.R.M.". Holst 63; Imitation of Seaby 3735.TextImage
Seaby #3736 Half Guinea, 1802. S.3736; Fr-363; KM-649. George III. Sixth (laureate) head.
Seaby #3737George III AV Half Guinea. GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA, laureate, 7th (military) head right / BRITANNIARVM REX FIDEI DEFENSOR, crowned oval containing HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE around coat of arms. KM 651, Fr 367.
Seaby #3738 Third Guinea, 1797. S.3738; Fr-365; KM-620. George III, 1st Laureate Head.
Seaby #3740 Third Guinea, 1808. S.3740; Fr-367; KM-650. George III, 2nd Laureate Head type.
Seaby #3741 Quarter Guinea, 1762. S.3741; Fr-368. George III, Laureate head. One year type.
Seaby #3743George III silver shilling. Tower Mint, London. GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA REX, laureate & draped bust right / Coat of arms.
Seaby #3746George III AR Shilling dated 1787. GERGIVS III DEI GRATIA, older bust right / M B F ET A REX F D B ET L D S R I A T ET E, 1787, Semée of hearts in Hanoverian shield.
Seaby #3747Silver Shilling, 1798. George III. S-3747, portrait style of the 1787 currency issue but with the distinctive date, which appears on no other English shilling. Plain edge.
Seaby #3765 Dollar, ND. S.3765; ESC-129; KM-634. George III. Oval countermark with head of George III on a 1793 Mexico City 8 Reales.
Seaby #3768George III AR Dollar. Bank of England issue. Dated 1804. Laureate, draped, & cuirassed bust right; :C.H.K on shoulder / Britannia seated left, leaning on shield set on cornucopiAE, holding branch & spear; bee hive before; all within crowned oval. ESC 144.
Seaby #3769Three Shillings silver Bank Token, 1812. George III. S-3769. Draped military bust.
Seaby #3770 Three Shillings Bank Token, 1812. S.3770; ESC-416; KM-Tn5. George III. Laureate head.
Seaby #3772 Eighteen Pence, 1813. S.3772; ESC-976; KM-Tn3. George III. Bank of England token.
Seaby #3774George III AE Halfpence. Tower Mint, London. GEORGIUS III D G REX, laureate & draped bust right / BRITANNIA 1771, Britannia seated left.
Seaby #3775George III AE Farthing. First issue. Dated 1773. Laureate & cuirassed bust right / Britannia seated left on globe, holding olive branch & spear, & leaning on ornamental oval shield. Peck 911.
Seaby #3776George III AE Twopence. Soho Mint, Birmingham. GEORGIUS III D G REX, laureate & draped bust right / BRITANNIA 1797, Britannia seated left.
Seaby #3777Bronzed Proof Penny, 1797. Peck-1123; S.3777. George III.
Seaby #3778George III AR Halfcrown. Laureate bull head right / Crowned coat-of-arms. ESC 616.
Seaby #3779Proof copper Farthing, 1799. George III. S-3779. Soho, Third issue.
Seaby #3780 George III. Penny, 1806. S.3780; KM-663.
Seaby #3781George III AE Penny. Soho mint. Laureate bust right; K on shoulder / Britannia seated left; K & SOHO below shield. Peck 1342.
Seaby #3782George III. Farthing, 1806. S.3782; Peck-1389; KM-661. Copper.
Seaby #3785 Sovereign, 1817. S.3785; Fr-371; KM-674. George III. Laureate head. / St. George & dragon. First year of issue of the classic English sovereign.
Seaby #3785C Sovereign, 1820. S.3785C; Fr-371; KM-674. George III. Small date. The final year of this first type of sovereign.
Seaby #3786George III AV Half Sovereign. Dated 1817. Laureate head left / Crowned coat-of-arms. Cf. Schneider 631.
Seaby #3787George III AR Crown. Benedetto Pistrucci, engraver. Dated LIX & 1819. Laureate head right / St. George slaying the dragon. ESC 215.
Seaby #3788Halfcrown, 1816. S.3788; ESC-613; KM-667. George III. Bull head.
Seaby #3789 Halfcrown, 1817. S. 3789; ESC-618; KM-672. George III. Small head.
Seaby #3790 Shilling, 1816. S.3790; ESC-1228; KM-666. George III.
Seaby #3791 Sixpence, 1816. S.3791; KM-665. George III. Laureate head right.
Soho type 2, HalfpennyGeorge III 1807 Halfpenny. 29 mm. Engraver: Conrad Heinrich Kuchler, Soho mint type 2. GEORGIUS III D G REX, 1807 below, laureate, draped bust right / BRITANNIA, Britannia seated left, holding a trident in her left hand and a spray in right; shield of Union Jack at her side. Soho 2 type of the Soho Mint (Matthew Boulton).TextImage
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