Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Aeneia

Aineia (modern Nea Michaniona) was on the NE coast of the Chalkidike. According to legend it was founded by Trojans, who named it after the Trojan hero, Aineias (Aeneas).

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Moushmov 6246Macedon, Aeneia, AR Tetrobol. Before 480 BC. Helmeted head of the Trojan hero Aeneas right / Swastica incuse square. SNG ANS 71, SNG Copenhagen 33; Traité 925.TextImage
Moushmov 6247Macedonia, Aeneia AR Tetrobol. Circa 4th Century BC. Helmeted head of Athena right, in crested helmet decorated with a laurel wreath / Bull standing right, head reverted, AINEA in ex. SNG ANS 74; Traité 926. TextImage
SNG Cop 34Aeneia, Macedonia. AR Tetrobol, ca 450 BC. 2.32 g. Helmeted, lightly bearded head of Aeneias left / AI-N-E-AΣ around a lined square, all within incuse square. SNG Cop 34; SNG ANS 73.TextImage
Triton VIII, 104Macedonia, Aineia. Circa 4th century BC. AR Tetradrachm. Head of a nymph right, in wreath of grain & single-pendant earring / AINE-HTW-N, bull standing right, head reverted. TextImage
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