Ancient Coinage of Etruria

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HN Italy 59Uncertain mint in Etruria, AE Uncia, ca. 240-225 BC. 20mm, 8.60g. Wheel with six spokes or star of six rays, dot to left / Double-axe (bipennis) head, uncertain letter to left, dot to right. HN Italy 59.TextImage
HN Italy 67Uncertain mint in Etruria. (ca 3rd cent. B.C.) AE Uncia. 9.46g. Wheel or star / Anchor; crescent to right crescent. HN Italy 67.TextImage
HN Italy 74Uncertain mint of Etruria, late 3rd century BC. AE13, 2.69g. Laureate head of Aplu Apollo right; quiver at shoulder / Owl facing three-quarters right, wings closed. HN Italy 74.TextImage
SNG ANS 34Uncertain mint in Etruria, AR obol, 0.48 gr. 2nd-1st Century BC. Radiate head of Helios facing / Reverse smooth. SNG ANS 34. SNG München 25. Slg. Klein 5 (this coin).TextImage
SNGANS 36Uncertain mint in Etruria AE17. Third century BC. Negro head right / Elephant right. HN Italy 69. TextImage
SNGANS 39Arretium (?), The Chiana Valley, Etruria. Circa 208-207 BC. AE Quartuncia. Head of an African right / Indian elephant standing right, bell around neck; M below. SNG ANS 39-41; BMC 19.TextImage
SNGANS 40Arretium, Etruria. Circa 208-207 BC. AE 19mm (3.66 gm). Head of an African right / Elephant standing right; Etruscan M below. TextImage
SNGANS 59Uncertain mint in Etrutia, the Chiana Valley. Circa Late 3rd Century BC. AE 15mm. Head of Hermes right in winged petasos / Owl standing right. BMC Italy pg. 13, 5. TextImage
SNGANS 67Chiana Valley(?), Etruria, 3rd Century BC. AE 15mm (2.34 gm). Male head clad in dog's skin(?) right / Dog running left, tail curled behind; Punic letter in exergue. Lindgren I 148. TextImage
Vecchi_42Lucca(?), Etruria, AR Pentassarion. ca 211-206 BC. Hippocamp right; dolphins above & below, C above / Blank. SNG ANS 18. TextImage
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