Ancient Coinage of Etruria, Cosa

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Sambon 149Cosa, Etruria, AE20. ca. 273-250 BC, 5.10 g. Helmeted head of Athena or Coza right (sometimes with COSA retrograde in right field). / COZANO anticlockwise and retrograde, bridled head of horse left. Sambon 149; HN Italy 211; cf SNG Cop 17 (Mars).TextImage
SNG Cop 17Cosa, Etruria. c273-250 BC. AE Quartuncia. Bearded head of Mars right, in crested Corinthian helmet / CO-Z-A-NO anticlockwise and retrograde, bridled head of a horse left, resting on a dolphin swimming left. BMC 3; SNG Cop 17.TextImage
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