Ancient Coinage of Axum

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Endubis or Endybis, ca 270-300 AD
Afilas or Aphilas
Ousanas, ca 320 AD
Ezana or Ezanas, ca 330-356 AD
Wazeba II.
Mhdys or Mehadeyis, ca 360 AD
Ouazebas, late 4th century
Eon, ca 400 AD
Anonymous, ca 450 AD
Ebana, ca 450-500 AD
Nezool and/or Nezana (may have been two co-rulers), 450-500 AD
Ousas or Ousanas, ca 500 AD
Kaleb, ca 520 AD
Alla Amidas, ca 540 AD, possibly co-ruler with Kaleb.
Adg or Adegu, ca 525-550 AD.
Wazena, mid 6th century
W'ZB or Ella Gabaz, mid 6th century.
Ioel, mid 6th century
Hataz, ca 575 AD
Saifu, ca 575 AD. NO COINS
Israel, ca 590 AD
Gersem, ca 600 AD
Armah, ca 614 AD
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