Ancient Coinage of Axum, Afilas

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BMC 10Kings Of Axum (Aksum). Aphilas. Circa 300 AD. AV Sixteenth Solidus (?) (6.5mm, 0.27 g, 12h). Draped bust right, in headcloth; pellet in crescent before / AFI-LAC-BACI-LEY (King Aphilas) in four lines across fields; two dots in field. Munro-Hay Type 8; BMC Aksum 10-11.TextImage
BMC 12Kings Of Axum. Aphilas (with Ousanas?). Circa 300 AD. AR 12mm (0.71 gm, 12h). AFILA (crescent with pellet) BACILI, bust right, in cap / IAFILAC B(crescent with pellet) ACILEYC, small bust right, in cloth cap; inner circle inlaid with gold. Munro-Hay 10; BMC Aksum 12-19. TextImage
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