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Cassia 1
sear5 #142
C Cassius Denarius. 126 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right; urn and X behind / Liberty in quadriga right; C. CASSI below, ROMA in exergue. Cr266/1; Syd 502. (5 examples)
Cassia 4
sear5 #199
L Cassius Caecianus, 102 BC. AR Denarius. CÆICIAN, bust of Ceres left, B. behind / L CASSI, two yoked oxen left; V/. above. Cr321/1; Syd 594. (8 examples)
Cassia 5
sear5 #757
C Cassius, L Salinat, AE as, c. 84 BC. Laureate head of Janus / Prow right, C CASSI over L SALIN above, D.S.S on prow. Cr355/1, Syd 731. (2 examples)
Cassia 6
sear5 #317
L Cassius Qf Longinus Denarius. 78 BC. Head of Bacchus right, thrysus over shoulder / Head of Libera left. Crawford 386/1; Syd 779. (11 examples)
Cassia 7
sear5 #391
Q Cassius AR Denarius. Head of Bonus Eventus, scepter behind / eagle on thunderbolt right between lituus & jug, Q CASSIVS below. Syd 916, Cr428/3. (7 examples)
Cassia 8
sear5 #390
Q. Cassius Longinus. 55 BC. AR Denarius. Q. CASSIVS, head of Libertas right; LIBERT behind / Curule chair in circular temple of Vesta; urn left and voting tablet inscribed AC right. Cr428/2; Syd 918. (4 examples)
Cassia 9
sear5 #389
Q. Cassius Longinus, AR denarius, (3.54g) c. 55 BC, Q CASSIVS VEST, Veiled head of Vesta right / Curule chair within circular temple of Vesta between urn and vota tablet inscribed AC. Syd. 917; C428/1. (10 examples)
Cassia 10
sear5 #364
L. Cassius Longinus. 60 BC. Denarius. Draped and veiled bust of Vesta left; kylix behind, S before / Togate male standing facing, dropping tablet inscribed V into a cista; LONGIN. III. V behind. Crawford 413/1; Syd 935. (18 examples)
Cassia 12C. Cassius with M. Aquinus. AV Aureus, mint moving with Cassius 43-42, 8.03 g. M AQVINVS LEG LIBERTAS, diademed head of Libertas right / C·CASSI PR·COS, Tripod surmounted by cauldron, decorated with two laurel branches, fillets hanging to right and left. Cassia 12; Cohen 2; Bahrfeldt 56; Sydenham 1302; Sear Imperators 217; Crawford 498/1; Calicó 63.TextImage
Cassia 13C. Cassius Longinus. 42 BC. AV Aureus, 7.86 g. Military mint (Smyrna?). M. Aquinus, legate. M AQVINVAS LEG LIBERTAS, diademed head of Libertas right / C CASSI IMP, tripod surmounted by the cortina and two laurel-branches; fillet on each side. Cassia 13; Crawford 499/1; CRI 218; Sydenham 1303; BMCRR East 72; Bahrfeldt 57; Calicó 64.TextImage
Cassia 14-21See under Cassius, Imperator
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