Sear Roman Coins and their Values (RCV 2000 Edition) Number 364

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Ref Cassia 10 denarius

Roman Republic, AR denarius, 60 BC. Moneyer L. Cassius Longinus AR denarius. Veiled and diademed head of Vesta left, kylix (drinking vessel) behind, letter before / LONGIN III V, togate male figure standing left, dropping voting tablet inscribed V (Vota) into an urn to left. Cr. 413/1; Sear 364; Cassia 10; Albert 1330; Syd 935.


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Example No. 4, S retrog.:TextImage
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Example No. 6, C:TextImage
Example No. 7, C:TextImage
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Example No. 9, L:TextImage
Example No. 10, A:TextImage
Example No. 11, I:TextImage
Example No. 12:TextImage
Example No. 13, A:TextImage
Example No. 14, A:TextImage
Example No. 15, C:TextImage
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Example No. 18, S:TextImage

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