Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Syracuse

Syracuse, a Greek city on the coast of Sicily
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510-485 BC First Democracy
485-466 BCThe Deinomenid Tyranny
485-478 BC -- Gelon, Tyrant of Gela from 491 BC, conquered Syracuse in 485
478-466 BC -- Hieron I, Brother of Gelon
466-406 BCSecond Democracy
412-405 BCCarthaginians rule Punic Sicily
406-367 BCDionysius I
367-344 BCDionysius II
357-353 BCDion
344-336 BCTimoleon
336-317 BCThird Democracy
317-289 BCAgathokles
289-287 BCFourth Democracy
287-278 BCHiketas, 287-278 BC.
278-276 BCPyrrhos or Pyrrhus
275-215 BC Hiero or Hieron II
-- Philistis, Wife of Heiron II
-- Gelon, Son of Heiron II, predeceased his father, died in 215 BC
215-214 BCHieronymos, Son of Gelon & Grandson of Hieron II
214-212 BCFifth Democracy, 214-212 BC.
212 BC and laterSyracuse under the Romans

Coins of Syracuse in Sear, Greek Coins and Their Values
Sear #913Syracuse AR Tetradrachm. Rule of the Tyrant Gelon, 480-475 BC. SURAKOSION, head of Artemis-Arethusa right, four dolphins around / quadriga driven to the right by a male charioteer, nike flying above, crowning the horses with a wreath.
(4 entries)
Sear #917Syracuse, Sicily, AR Obol. c 480 BC. Head of Arethusa right, hair turned up under diadem of beads / Wheel with four spokes.
(8 entries)
Sear #922Syracuse, Sicily, AR Obol. Rule of the Tyrant Gelon, ca 465 BC. Wreathed head of Arethusa right, hair bound in sakkos / S-Y-P-A in compartments of wheel of four spokes.
(5 entries)
Sear #929Syracuse, Sicily, AR Litra. c 450 BC, SURA retrograde, head of Arethusa right, hair bound in sakkos / Octopus. BMC 50.
(9 entries)
Sear #930Sicily, Syracuse AR Pentonkion or Obol. ca 474 BC. Head of Artemis/Arethusa with hair turned up under diadem of beads / wheel of four spokes. TextImage
Sear #932Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm. 450-439 BC. Slow quadriga driven by charioteer holding goad; above, Nike flying r., crowning horses / Head of Artemis-Arethusa r., hair bound with cord wound around four times, forming an elongated coiffure; inscription. TextImage
Sear #938Syracuse, Sicily AR Drachm. c. 415 BC, LEUK ASPIS, the hero Leukaspis, naked, advancing right, bearing sword & oval shield, EY in exergue / SYRAKOSIWN, head of Arethusa right, four dolphins around, EYMEN below. BMC 162.
(2 entries)
Sear #953Sicily, Syracuse AR Dekadrachm. ca 400 BC, signed die by Euainetos. Galloping quadriga left, Nike flying above about to crown charioteer / , head of Arethusa or Persephone left, hair bound with wreath of corn leaves, four dolphins around, EYAINE below.
(2 entries)
Sear #954Sicily, Syracus, AR Dekadrachm. Chariot galloping left, armor below / SURAKOSIWN, head of Arethusa left in wreath of corn leaves, star behind, dolphins around. TextObvRev
Sear #958Sicily, Syracuse. 310-305 BC. EL 12 1/2 Litrae (1.83 gm). Laureate head of Apollo left / Lyre, SURAKOSIWN. TextImage
Sear #964Time of Timoleon, 344-317 BC., AR 1 1/2 litra. Janiform female head / Horse galloping right.TextObvRev
Sear #965Time of Timoleon, 344-317 B.C., AR 1 1/2 Litra. Time of Timoleon, 344-317 BC […URAKO]…IWN Head of Arethus left, hair rolled, 3 dolphins around. / Forepart of Pegasus left. BMC 276.
(2 entries)
Sear #974Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles AR Tetradrachm. Head of Persephone right in wreath of corn, KOPAS behind / Nike, naked to waist, erecting trophy, AGATHOKLEIOS behind.
(2 entries)
Sear #975Sicily, Syracuse, Agathocles, AR Stater. 317-310 BC. Head of Athena right / Pegasos left. TextImage
Sear #983Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II AV 60 Litrae or Dekadrachm. Period III, phase I, ca 220-217 BC. Wreathed head of Persephone left, in triple-pendant earring & necklace; bucranium behind / Charioteer in galloping biga right, holding kentron in right hand & reins in left; monogram below, IEPWNOS in ex.TextImage
Sear #994Sicily, Syracuse, Hieronymus AR 10 Litrai. 215-214 BC. Diademed bust of Hieronymus left; reversed K behind / BASILEWS IEPWNYMOY, winged thunderbolt; KI above.
(2 entries)
Sear #997Sicily, Syracuse, Republic of 214-212 BC, AR 12 Litrae. Head of Athena left wearing crested Corinthian helmet ornamented with horse / SURAKOSIWN, Artemis standing left, discharging arrow from bow, hound running left at her feet, YA/SA in left field. BMC 652.TextImage
Sear #999Sicily, Syracuse, Fifth Democracy (214-212 BC). Silver 8 litrae. Head of Kore left, wreathed with grain, in triple pendant earring & [necklace], small owl standing left behind neck / SURAKOSIWN, Nike driving fast quadriga right, ARK monogram above, AI under horses' forelegs, tiny LY between double exergual lines. Burnett D53, Luynes 1395, BMC 658.
(2 entries)
Sear #1004Sicily, Syracuse AR 1.25 Litra. Time of Hieron II, 275-215 BC. Head of Artemis right, quiver at shoulder / SYPAKOSION, owl standing facing on branch, A to left. SNG Cop 884, SNGANS 906.TextImage
Sear #1184Syracuse, Sicily, AE15 (trias). c. 400 BC, Head of Arethusa right, hair in koymbos, dolphins before and behind. / Octopus, three pellets around.
(2 entries)
Sear #1185Syracuse AE16. c410 BC. Head of Arethusa left, hair bound with ampyx and sphendone, [FR]Y on back of sphendone. / Star of 16 rays at center of quadripartite incuse square.
(4 entries)
Sear #1186Syracuse AE hemilitron. c400 BC, Female head left, hair wrapped in sphendone at back of neck, dolphin behind. / Four-spoked wheel, SU PA in upper two quadrants, two dolphins in lower two quadrants. BMC 243.
( 4 entries)
Sear #1187Sicily, Syracuse AE 17. 357 - 344 BC, Female head left, hair in sphendone, spray of olive leaves behind / Dolphin leaping right over a scallop shell. SGI 1187; Calciati 124; Magna Graecia 38.
( 1 entry)
Sear #1188Syracuse, Sicily, AE15 Half Litra. 357-344 BC. Head of Arethusa left / Cuttle-fish.
(2 entries)
Sear #1189Syracuse AE 28mm Drachm. Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet bound with olive-wreath / starfish between two dolphins.
(6 entries)
Sear #1191Sicily, Syracuse; AE 26 Litra, 344-336 BC. Head of Zeus Eleutherios left, hair long / Free horse prancing left. SNG ANS 533.
(3 entries)
Sear #1192Sicily, Syracuse AE Hemilitron. Time of Timoleon, 344-336 BC. IEYS ELEUQERIOS, head of Zeus Eleutherios right / thunderbolt, eagle standing right in field to right. TextImage
Sear #1193Syracuse AE Trias. 344-336 BC. Head of Athena wearing Corinthian style helmet / Hippocamp left, with curled wing.
(6 entries)
Sear #1195Syracuse, Sicily, AE19. Time of Agothokles, 317-289 BC, Head of Persephone left. / Bull butting left, club and T above, IS in exergue.
(2 entries)
Sear #1198Syracuse, Sicily, AE13. Time of Agathokles, 317-289 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / Dog reclining left, head turned, star above, SW in exergue. BMC 377, Favorito 53. TextObvRev
Sear #1199Syracuse, Sicily, AE18. 317-289 BC, Laureate head of Apollo left / Pegasus flying left, ? below.
(3 entries)
Sear #1200Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles AE 24mm. ca 295 BC. SWTEIPA, bust of Artemis right, quiver over shoulder / AGAQOKLEOS BASILEOS above & below winged thunderbolt. BMC 422, SNGCop 779, Calciati 142.
( 11 entries)
Sear #1201Sicily, Syracuse, AE22. Time of Agathokles, 312-289 BC. SURAKOSIWN, young male head (of Hercules?) right wearing tainia / lion prowling right, club above. Lindgren III 527, BMC 389.
(2 entries)
Sear #1202Sicily, Syracuse, AE25. Reign of Agathokles, 317-289BC. Head of Athena right in crested Corinthian helmet / Horseman wearing Phrygian helmet cantering right with couched spear,TextImage
Sear #1203Syracuse, Sicily, AE23. c.300 BC, Helmeted head of Athena right / Pegasus flying left. SNGANS 694.TextObvRev
Sear #1204Sicily, Syracuse, AE13. Time of Timoleon, 344-336BC. Head of Athena left in crested Corinthian helmet / Winged thunderbolt.
(2 entries)
Sear #1207Syracuse, Sicily, AE22. Head of Artemis right, quiver at shoulder / Winged thunderbolt.
(2 entries)
Sear #1208Sicily, Syracuse AE15. Time of Democracy, 289-288 BC. SWTEIRA, bust of Artemis left, quiver at shoulder / SURAK-OSIWN, thunderbolt. BMC 408.TextImage
Sear #1209Syracuse, Sicily, Hiketas, 288-279 BC, AE20. Head of Persphone left / Galloping biga driven right by charioteer, A in exergue.
(5 entries)
Sear #1210Syracuse, Sicily, AE24. Time of Hiketas, 288-279 BC, SY PA Head of Persephone right / Biga right, star above, RX in exergue.TextObvRev
Sear #1211Sicily, Syracuse, Hiketas, 289-288 BC, AE22. LIOS ELLANIOU, laureate and beardless head of Zeus Hellanios left / SURAKOSIWN, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open. BMC 468.
(4 entries)
Sear #1212Syracuse AE18. Laureate and beardless head of Zeus Hellanios right / Partial legend. Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open.
(3 entries)
Sear #1213Sicily, Syracuse, Reign of Pyrros AE23. SURAKOSIWN, head of Herakles left in lionskin / Athena Promachos advancing left brandishing spear & holding shield. BMC 493. TextImage
Sear #1214Syracuse, Sicily, Rule of Pyrrhos, 278-276 BC, AE22. Herakles head left in lion skin headdress. / Athena Promachos to right. BMC 503.TextImage
Sear #1221Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II, 275-215 BC, AE 26. Diademed head of Hieron II left / Horseman galloping right with spear. Calciati 195.
(10 entries)
Sear #1222Syracuse, Sicily, AE26 Hemilitron. Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Diademed head of Heiron left / Horseman prancing, couched spear, IE[P_NO_] in exergue. SNG ANS 909.TextImage
Sear #1223Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II AE22. 275-216 BC. Head of Poseidon left / IEP-ONOS, ornamented trident of Poseidon.
( 13 entries)
Sear #1226Sicily, Syracuse, Republic, AE14. 214-212 BC. Head of Poseidon left, hair bound in a taenia/ Ornamented trident-head, between two dolphins.TextImage
Sear #1228Syracuse, Sicily, AE26. Roman Times, 212-133 BC. Head of Zeus right / Simulacrum of Isis in slow quadriga right. BMC 684-687; Calciati 230, SNG Cop 897.TextImage
Sear #1229Syracuse, Sicily, AE20. Roman Times, after 212 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / Nike driving galloping biga right. (This example: biga left = Calciati 226). BMC 691; Hoover 1474; Calciati II, 227-229; Sear 1229.TextImage
Sear #1230Sicily, Syracuse AE21. Time of Roman domination, ca 212 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / Nike standing facing, wings open, about to sacrifice bull standing before. TextImage
Sear #1231Sicily, Syracuse, under Roman Rule, 212-150 B.C., AE21. Head of Serapis right / SURAK OSIWN, Isis standing, wearing head dress, holding istrum & sceptre.
(2 entries)
Sear #1234Sicily, Syracuse AE15. Under Roman rule, after 212 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / SURAKWSION. sacrificial cap.
(2 entries)
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