Ancient Coinage of Pisidia, Timbriada

Timbriada (Timbrias), modern day Aksu in Turkey.

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Heidelberger 64, 2119Hadrian, AE15 of Timbriada, Pisidia. AD 117-138. KAI ADRIA, laureate and cuirassed bust right / TIMBRIADEWN, MÍn standing left, holding pine cone and sceptre. Unpublished reverse for Hadrian. Heidelberger MŁnzhandlung 64, 2119.TextImage
Aulock 2124Septimius Severus, AE33 of Timbriada, Pisidia. 193-211 AD. AY KA L CE CEOYHPOC P, Laureate head right; c/m: TI within circle / TIMBRIADEWN, Cybele entrhoned left, holding patera and cornucopiae, flanked by two lions. Von Aulock, Pisidiens II 2124-8; c/m Howgego 564.TextImage
Aulock 2135Julia Domna, AE35 of Timbriada, Pisidia. IOVLIA DOMNA CEBAC, draped bust right; countermarked TI in circle / TIMBRIADEWN, Distyle temple with statue of Kybele seated left on lion-throne, holding patera and cornucopiae. von Aulock, Pisidiens 2135; SNG Cop 344; c/m: Howgego 564.TextImage
Aulock 1802varCaracalla, AE26 of Timbriada, Pisidia. 9.93g. AU K M AU ANTWNEINOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from the back, "T" countermark of Timbriada in field / TIMBRIADEWN, The Dioscuri standing facing, crescent between them, the figure on the right wearing star-surmounted cap and holding a short sceptre or parazonium, the figure on the left bare-headed. Aulock -; Mionnet-; BMC-; Imhoof-; Aulock Pisidens 2, 1802 var (Elagabalus, Prostanna); possibly unpublished.TextImage
Aulock 2155Caracalla, AE24 of Timbriada, Pisidia. 198-217 AD. AU K M AU ANTWNEINOC, Laureate, draped and cuirased bust right, T countermark in field / TIMBRIADEWN, MÍn standing left holding patera, humped bull behind. Von Aulock Pisidiens 2155; c/m = Howgego 685.TextImage
Aulock 2165 cfCaracalla, AE33 of Timbriada, Pisidia. AUT M AU ANTWNEI, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; in right field, TI within circular incuse counterstamp / TIMBRIADEWN, Cybele seated left, holding cornucopia and patera; above, crowning Nikes to left and right; to lower right, lion seated left. Cf. Von Aulock Pisidiens, 2165-9 (Geta).TextImage
Aulock 2195Caracalla, AE26 of Timbriada, Pisidia. 197-217 AD. AY K M AY ANTWNWI, laureate head right, Howgego countermark 685 / TIMBRIADEWN, MÍn in short chiton and Phrygian cap, standing front by altar, head left, crescent on shoulders, holding patera and sceptre. Von Aulock, Pisidiens II, 2159; SNG BN Paris 2227.TextImage
Aulock 2187Severus Alexander, AE31 of Timbriada, Pisidia. 222-235 AD. AYT KAI M AVR CEY ALEXANDROC CEB, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / TIMBRIADEWN, Cybele seated on lion walking left. Von Aulock, Pisidiens II 2187; Lindgren III 736 (this coin).TextImage

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