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Britannicus, born AD 41 or 42, son of Claudius and Messalina, originally named Germanicus after Claudius' brother. In AD 55 he was murdered by poison, almost certainly ordered by Agrippina II, the ruthless wife and probable murderess of Claudius, who wanted to clear the way for her son Nero's succession to the imperial title.

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Cohen 1Britannicus AE Sestertius. Struck under Claudius, circa 50-54 AD, uncertain eastern provincial mint. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG F BRITANNICVS, draped bust right / S-C, Mars advancing left, holding spear and shield. TextImage
Cohen 2Britannicus AE Sestertius. Struck under Claudius, 50-54 AD, uncertain eastern provincial mint. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG F BRITANNICVS, draped bust left / S-C, Mars advancing left, holding spear and shield. RIC p. 130 note; von Kaenel B5; BMCRE 226 (Claudius). TextImage
RPC 1033
Britannicus, AE of the Koinon of Crete and Cyrenaika, Gortyn mint (?), 9.71 g. TI KΛAYΔIOΣ ΓEΡMANIKOΣ, bare head left / KΛAY OKTAIA KΛAY A[NTΩNIA], jugate, draped busts of Octavia and Antonia right. RPC 1033; BMC 12.TextImage
RPC 1834
Britannicus AE16 of Tomis, Moesia-Thrace. BΡITANNIKOY, laureate head right / TOMI HΡΩ above and below three grain ears between two torches. AMNG 2585.Text

RPC 1926
Kings of Bosporus, Cotys I with Britannicus AE 8 Units. First reign, 45-61 AD. KAICAΡOC BΡITANNIKOC, bare head of Britannicus right / Diademed head of Cotys right; BAK monogram to left, H in right. Anokhin 345. TextImage
RPC 2039
Britannicus, AE26 of Nicaea, Bithynia. BΡITANNIKOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOY YIOΣ, bare head of Britannicus left / Λ KAΔIOΣ ΡOYΦOΣ ANΘYΠATOΣ NAIKAIEΩN, side view of a two-storeyed building. RPC 2039; SNG Fitz. 4110; Leake Coll. 2.TextImage
RPC 2248
Britannicus, Antonia and Octavia AE12 of Mysia, Kyzikos. NEOY ΓEΡMANIKOC K-Y, head of Britannicus right / AN OKTA, draped busts of Antonia and Octavia face to face. TextImage
RPC 2371
Britannicus and Nero, AE17, (3.50g) Ephesus, Ionia, BΡETANNIKOC Bare head of Britannicus right. / [NEΡOC] KAI[CAΡ} Bare head of Nero Caesar right. TextImage
RPC 2431
Britannicus AE16 of Aeolis, Aegae. Chaleos, magistrate. BΡITANNIKOC KAICAΡ, bare head right / AIΓAEΩN EΠI XAΛE-OY, Zeus standing left holding eagle and sceptre. TextImage
RPC 2476
Ionia, Smyrna. 'Britannicus'. Died 55 AD. AE 17mm. Bare head of Britannicus(?) right / Nike flying right, holding trophy over her left shoulder. TextImage
RPC 2503
Britannicus, AE15 of Klazomenai, Ionia. 41-54 AD. KAIΣAΡ BΡITANNIKOΣ, draped bust right / KΛAZOME-NIΩN; ram recumbent right, head turned back. RPC 2503; BMC 121; SNG Copenhagen 120.TextImage
Mionnet IV, 890
Britannicus, AE16 of Thyateira, Lydia. AD 50-54. BΡETAN KAICAΡ, bare head right / ΘYATEIΡHNΩN, bipennis. Mionnet IV 890; Imhoof, "Britannicus auf Münzen", 25.TextImage
RPC 2818
Britannicus, AE31 of Alabanda, Caria. AD 41-55. 17.57 g. KΛAYΔIOΣ BΡETANNIKOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare-headed, draped bust right. / AΛABANΔEΩN, Apollo Kissios standing left, holding raven and bow, ram at foot left. RPC 2818; Imhoof Britannicus 24; Mionnet III 22; Waddington 2110; Lana hoard 24.TextImage

RPC 2915
Britannicus AE17mm of Laodicea ad Lycum, Phrygia. AD 50-54. Anto Polemonos, son of Zenon. 4.42 g. BΡETANNIKOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right. / ΠOΛEMΩNOΣ YIOY ZHNΩNON ΛAOΔIKEΩN to right and left of tripod surmounted by serpent. RPC I 2915; SNG Cop 560; BMC 163 corr ("Nero"); Prowe III 1770.TextImage
RPC 2971
Britannicus. AE18 of Hieropolis, Syria. BΡITANNIKOΣ KAIΣAΡ, draped bust of Britannicus right / ΣYIΛΛIOΣ ANTIXOΣ IEΡAΠOΛITON, table surmounted by two crowns, flanked by spear and palm branch. TextImage
RPC 3656
Britannicus, Antonia the lesser, and Octavia, AE21, Caesarea, Cappadocia. KΛAYΔIOC KAICAΠ BΡITANNIKOC, bare head left, countermark on cheek / ANTΩNIA OKTAOYIA KAICAΡ ET H, Octavia and Antonia, both holding cornucopiae, clasping hands. RPC 3656; BMC 13; Sydenham 61, Countermark: Howgego 424.TextImage
RPC 3837
Polemo II and Britannicus AR Drachm of the Kingdom of Pontus. BACIΛEΩC ΠOΛEMΩNOC, diademed head right / ETOYC IH = year 18 = AD 55-56 AD. Laureate head of Britannicus right. RPC 3837; SGI 5426; RecGen 36. TextImage
RPC 3838Polemo II and Britannicus AR Drachm of the Kingdom of Pontus. Year 19 = 56-57 AD. BACIΛEΩC ΠOΛEMΩNOC, diademed head right. / ETOYC IΘ, laureate draped bust of Britannicus right. TextImage
RPC 4043
Britannicus. AE24, 8.7g of Aegeae, Cilicia. ..BΡITANNIKOC..., bare head right / ET Π-AIΓE-AIΩ[N]-N[EI] in 4 lines within laurel wreath. RPC 4043; SNG Lev 1699; Isegrim 42074.TextImage
RPC 4045
Britannicus, AE23 of Aigeai, Cilicia. Dated local year 100. AD 53-54. 9.25 g. (BΡETANNIKOΣ), bare-headed, draped bust right. / ET Π-AIΓE-AIΩN-ΔIO in four lines within laurel wreath. RPC 4045; Haymann 16b; Waddell II 378.TextImage