The Ancient Coinage of Selymbria

Listed by Moushmov Number

Including additional items for this online edition, with numbers in italics.

SELYMBRIA (circa 500 Ė 450 B.C.) (now Selivria along the Sea of Marmora)


Autonomous coins



4742 Rooster walking right. Rev. : Concave square. 9 mm. Plate XXV 5.
4743 Bearded head of Hermes facing, between corn-ear and caduceus. Rev. : ΣA. Vase with 2 handles. 13 mm.
4744 Heraklesís unbearded head, covered with lionís skin, right. Rev. : Rooster right within concave square. 12 mm. Plate XXV 1.
4745 Rooster right, vase with 2 handles above. Rev. : Heraklesís unbearded head, covered with lionís skin, right, within concave square. 9 mm. Plate XXV 4.
4746 Rooster walking left, holding worm in its beak. Rev. : Concave square. 10 mm. Plate LII 8.
4747 Rooster left; ΣA below. Rev. : Concave square. 15 mm. Plate LII 5, 7.
Thrace, Selymbria AR Drachm. Circa 480-450 BC. SA, cock walking left / quadripartite incuse square. BMC Thrace pg. 170, 1; SNG Copenhagen 789 var. (mill-sail incuse).
4748 Heraklesís bearded head with lionís skin, right. Rev. : Rooster right, holding worm in its beak within concave square. 15 mm. Plate LII 6.
4748ARooster / grain ear.
Thrace, Selymbria AR Hemidrachm. Ca 425-410 BC. Rooster standing left with worm in its beak / S-E L-U, grain ear.


4749 Athenaís helmeted head right. Rev. : Rooster walking right. Plate XXV 3.
4750 Head of Helios, radiate right. Rev. : ΣA. Lighthouse. Barley corn and vase with 2 handles in the fields.

Alexander III (336 Ė 323 BC.)

4751 Heraklesís head, covered with lionskin. Rev. : AΛEΞANΞPOY. Zeus seated on a throne left, holding eagle and sceptre. Rooster left in left field. 25 mm. Plate XXV 2.
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