The Ancient Coinage of Phila

Listed by Moushmov Number

NOTE: In his Historia Nummorum, Barclay-Head writes, Phila ?, near the mouth of the Peneius. The bronze coin of the Roman period,—Obv. Nike, Rev. ΦIΛ Club (Imhoof, Mon. gr., p. 90), and another coin, Obv. Prancing horse, Rev. ΦIΛ and crescent in wreath of olive (Berl. Cat., II. 116), attributed to Phila, are not, in my opinion, Macedonian coins.
6911Nike walking right, holding wreath in left hand / ΦIΛA, Upright club. 12 mm
6912Unbearded youthful head right / ΦI, vase with two handles. 17 mm.
--Prancing horse right / ΦIΛ and crescent in wreath of olive. (Berlin 116)

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