The Ancient Coinage of Eurydicea

Listed by Moushmov Number

EURYDICEA - Said to be a town on the Halkidikion peninsula of Palene. Only one single coin is listed for this town, and described by Moushmov, Borrell, Visconti and Mionnet (the latter under the region of Elis in error). However, it is more likely that this coin is actually a coin of Smyrna, Ionia, using its old name of Eurydicea. This is supported by von Aulock, Imhoof, Milne, SNG Copenhagen and modern catalogers.

Autonomous bronze coin.
6280. Veiled head of Eurydice or Ceres right. / EYΡYΔIKEΩN, Tripod. 13 15 mm. Milne, Autonomous 5; SNG Cop 1105; SNG von Aulock 2159 (all Smyrna)

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