Ancient Coinage of Troas, Zeleia

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CNG 253, 107Zeleia, Troas, 400-300 BC. AE 11mm, 1.61 g. Head of Artemis left, wearing stephane / Z-E-Λ-E, stag standing left. CNG 253, lot 107. Unpublished with Artemis and stag left.TextImage
SNG Cop 501Zeleia, Troas. ca 4th Century BC. AE 19mm. Head of Artemis right, in stephane decorated with pellets, earring & necklace / Z-E-L-E, stag standing right. SNG von Aulock 1586; SNG Cop 501.TextImage
SNGCop 503Zeleia, Troas. AE 11mm. 4th century BC. Head of Artemis right, in stephanos / Z-E-L-A clockwise around monogram within grain-wreath. SNG Copenhagen (Troas) 503-504; Babelon, Traité, (Mysia) pl. 172, 31-32. TextImage
SNG Cop 510Zeleia, Troas. 4th century BC. AE 19mm. Head of Artemis right, in stephane / Stag standing right. TextImage
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