Ancient Coinage of Troas, Tenedos

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BMC 14Tenedos Drachm. 450-387 BC. Male/female janiform head / Bipennis (Double axe); bunch of grapes to left and kantheros to right. TextImage
BMC 15Tenedos, Troas, AR drachm. 450-387 BC. 17 mm, 3.6 g. Janiform head of female head left wearing stephan and bearded, laureate male head right. / TENEΔION, bipennis, bunch of grapes in lower left field, lyre in lower right field, all within incuse square. BMC 15; SNG Cop. 513; Dewing 2225; Hunter 3; SNG Stockholm 2191.TextImage
BMC 18Tenedos, Troas AR Drachm. ca 450-387 BC. Janiform head, female on left, bearded male on right / bipennis, grape cluster to left of handle, tripod to right of handle, all in incuse square. TextImage
BMC 29Tenedos, Troas AR Tetradrachm. After 189 BC. Janiform head of a laureate male and diademed female / TENEΔIΩN, bipennis; ΓAT monogram and bunch of grapes in left field, caps of the Dioskuri in right field; all within laurel wreath. BMC 29; De Callata , TenÚdo 80-100.TextImage
Dewing 2226Tenedos, Troas, AR tetradrachm, 200-1 BC. 16.28 g. Janiform heads of Zeus, left and Hera, right / TENEΔIΩN, bipennis, A and bunch of grapes in left field, headdress of Isis in right field, all within wreath. Dewing 2226.TextImage
Hirsch 1468Tenedos, Troas, AR Hemidrachm. 550-470 BC. 1.99 g. Archaic janiform head, female on left, bearded male on right / TENEΔION, bipennis within dotted square within incuse square. Hirsch 1468.TextImage
Rosen 536Tenedos. c500 BC. AR Obol, 0.53 g. Janiform head, female on left, male on right / T-E, Double axe in incuse square. Weber 5448; Rosen 536.TextImage
SNG Cop 505Tenedos, Troas. ca 550-470 BC. AR Didrachm. Janiform heads of Zeus on the left and Hera on the right / Double axe within incuse square. TextImage
SNG Cop 516Tenedos, Troas, AR drachm. 450-387 BC. Janiform head of Zeus and Hera / TENE-NOΔI, double headed axe, bunch of grapes and tripod below. TextImage
SNG vA 1587Tenedos. c550-470 BC. AR Obol. Janiform head, female on left, male on right (Hera and Zeus) / T-E, Double axe in square. TextImage
SNG vA 1588Tenedos, Troas, AR drachm, c. 400 BC. Janiform heads of Zeus and Hera / TENE-Δ-ON, Double axe, bunch of grapes to left, amphora to right. TextImage
Weber 5448Tenedos, Troas, AR obol. 0.52 g. 550-470 BC. Janiform heads of Hera on the left and Zeus on thr right / T-E, bipennis within linear square within an incuse. Weber 5448.TextImage
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