Ancient Coinage of Troas, Skamandria

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BMC 2Skamandria, Troas. ca 400-300 BC. AE 20mm. Wreathed head of mountain-nymph Ide right. / Σ-KA, Fir-tree, no symbol. BMC 2; Prowe III 685; Traité II-2, 2377; SNG Tuebingen 2658; SNG von Aulock 1573; Imhoof KM 1.TextImage
Imhoof KM 4Skamandria, Troas. AE17, 3.86 g. ca 400-300 BC. Head of Artemis right. / ΣKA beneath Artemis standing left, holding bow and reaching for an arrow from the quiver behind her shoulder, fir-tree behind her, boar's head left in left field. Imhoof KM 4; SNG Turkey 9 (Arikantürk Coll.), 723.TextImage
SNG Cop 464Skamandria, Troas. ca 350-300 BC. AE 20mm. Head of mountain-nymph Ide right / ΣK-A, Fir-tree; boar's head right in lower right field. SNG Cop 464; BMC 1; Traité II-2, 2376; Walcher 1986; Imhoof KM 4. TextImage
SNG Cop 466Skamandria, Troas. ca 350-300 BC. AE 9mm. Head of mountain-nymph Ide right / Σ-KA, Pine-cone. SNG Cop 466-468; BMC 5; Imhoof KM 3; SNG von Aulock 1574; Traité II-2, 2381. TextImage
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