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BMC 1Kypsela, Thrace. AE11, ca 420-380 BC. 2.15 g. Head of Hermes right, wearing petasos. / K-Y-Ψ-E, diota (two-handled cup), pentagram above. SNG Cop 532; BMC 1.TextFull Size
Moushmov 3889AKypsela, Thrace, AE13. ca 400 BC. Head of Hermes right wearing petasos / K-Y-Ψ-E, two-handled vase (diota), grain ear above. Prokesch in NZ 4, p. 199; BMC 1 var (symbol); Moushmov 3889ADD. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 1070Cersobleptes, Dynast in Kypsela, Odrysian kingdom of Thrace. 358-341 BC. AE-13 mm, 2.08 gr. Son of King Kotys. Head of Apollo right / K-E-R around two-handled cup, grain ear below. SNG Cop. 1070.TextFull Size
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