Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Alopeconnesus

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Moushmov 5458Thrace, Alopeconnesus AE18. ca 4th century BC. Head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / A-Λ-Ω, kantharos, bunch of grapes to lower right. SNG Cop 857cf, BMC 1; Yarkin 42. TextImage
Moushmov 5459Thracian Chersonese, Alopeconnesos AE21. 3rd century BC. Head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / A-Λ-Ω, kantheros, grapes in lower left, fox advancing right in lower right field. BMC 2; SNF Cop 857; Yarkin 18ff. TextImage
SNG Cop 856Alopeconnesus, Thrace, AE21. 300-250 BC. 6.50 gr. Head of Mainad or Dionysos right, wearing wreath of ivy / A-Λ-Ω, Kantharos, fox left in left field, bunch of grapes in right field. SNG Cop. 856; Yarkin, Alopeconnesus, (NC 1978), 8.TextImage
SNG Cop 858Alopeconnesus, Thrace. AE18. 6.03 gr. Ca. 300 BC. Wreathed head of young Mainad right / AΛΩ, Kantharos; bunch of grapes to left. SNG Copenhagen 858; Yarkin 27.TextImage
SNG Cop 860Alopeconnesus, Thrace, AE14. 300-250 BC. 4.12 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right / AΛΩ-ΠEKON, Kantharos, bunch of grapes above, fox seated right below. SNG Cop. 860; Yarkin, Alopeconnesus, 59.TextImage
Yarkin 80Alopeconnesus, Thrace, AE14. Fenale head right, hair tied in a bunch behind / AΛΩ, Kantharos, corn-ear in right field. Yarkin, Alopeconnesus 80 (this coin).TextImage
Yarkin 80 varAlopeconnesus, Thrace. AE ca. 250-200 BC. Laureate, draped bust of Apollo right / AΛΩ, Kantharos, grain ear upright to right. Yarkin, Alopeconnesus 80 var (female head on obv.) or 7 var (club in right field). Poss. unpublished.TextImage
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