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BCD Thess II 694Pherai, Thessaly, AR hemiobol, 370-350 BC. 8 mm, 0.38 g. Head of Ennodia Pheraia right. / ΦE, hound sitting right. BCD Thessaly II 694; Hoover HGC 563; BCD Thessaly I 1306; Moustaka 1983, 73.TextFull Size
BMC 1Pherai, Thessaly, AR drachm, ca 460-440 BC. 20 mm, 5,87 g. Γ-Λ-A (retrograde), the hero Thessalos, naked, petasos hanging down behind his back, striding right, restraining a bull right using a band around the bull's head. / Φ-E-Ρ-A-I, bridled horse trotting right, with trailing rein, lion's head fountain spouting water in left field. BMC 1; BCD Thessaly II 682; Jameson 1105; Hoover HGC 546; Traité II-4, 599.TextFull Size
BMC 10Pherai, Thessaly or Thessalian league, AR obol, 9.5 mm, 0.85 g. ca 470-460 BC. Head of bridled horse left. / Φ-E, barley corn with husk. BMC 10 (Pherai); SNG Cop 237 (ditto); BCD Thessaly 1003 (League); BCD Thessaly II 5 (ditto); Hoover HGC 200 (ditto).TextFull Size
BMC 15Alexander of Pherae. 369-358 BC. AR Drachm (5.16 g). Head of Hypereia right / AΛEXANΔΡOY, roaring lion's head right. BMC Thessaly 15; Kraay 389.TextFull Size
BMC 22Pherai, Thessaly, AE14, 353-352 BC. 4.21 g. Head of Enodia Pheraia facing three-quarters left, torch in left field. / ΦEΡAIΩN, Enodia, holding torch, sitting facing on horse galloping right, lion's head fountain in upper left field. BMC 22; SNG Cop. 247; Lindgren 1411; Hoover HGC 565.TextFull Size
Jameson 1106Pherai, Thessaly, AR stater. struck under the tyrant Alexander, 369-357 BC. 11.55 g. Head of Ennodia facing three-quarters right, wearing pearl-diadem, grape-cluster earrings and necklace, torch in left field. / AΛEXANΔΡOY, Warrior on horseback galloping right, holding spear, bipennis (double axe) with head right beneath the horse. Jameson 1106; Traité II-4, 612; BCD Thessaly I, 1309 (this coin); Hoover HGC 576 (this coin); BMC 14 var (bipennis head left).TextFull Size
Liampi 6aPherai, Thessaly, AR obol, ca 462-460 BC. 10 mm, 0.89 g. Head and neck of bull right, with head facing. / ΦE, head and neck of bridled horse right within incuse square. Liampi, Corpus 6a (this coin); BCD Thessaly II 679.1; Hoover HGC 558.TextFull Size
Liampi 47 Pherai, Thessaly, AR hemiobol, Ca. 460-440 BC. 7 mm, 0.59 g. Bull's hoof. / Φ-E, horse's head right. BCD Thessaly II 680; Hoover HGC 562; Liampi 47-48.TextFull Size
Pozzi 2864Pherai, Thessaly. AE Tessera or token. 4th c. BC. 19mm, 6.89 g. Head of bearded Satyr facing, with animal ears / ΦE upwards to right of forepart of bull standing right, bipennis (double axe) to left. Pozzi 2864; Rogers 526.TextFull Size
Rogers 512Pherai, Thessaly, AE 17 mm, early 4th c. BC. 4.43 g. Laureate head of Ennodia right, (sometimes with EΛ below). / ΦEΡAIΩN, lion's head fountain spouting water right. Rogers 512; BCD Thessaly II 688-689; Hoover HGC 567 (this coin).TextFull Size
Rogers 514Pherai, Thessaly, AE Chalkous, 17 mm, 3.37 g. ca 404-369 BC. Head of Ennodia right, flaming torch before head. / ΦEΡAION, lion's head fountain right, from which water pours forth, fish below. Rogers 514; BCD Thessaly II 691.1.TextFull Size
Rogers 518Pherai, Thessaly, AE18. ca 3rd century BC. 5.99g. Lion's head right. / ΦEΡAIΩN, Ennodia sitting facing on horseback left, holding two torches. Rogers 518; BCD Thessaly II 717.1; Hoover HGC 566.TextFull Size
Rogers 520Pherai, Thessaly, AE15, struck under the tyrant Alexander, 369-359 BC. 3.21 g. Head of Jason resembling Hermes right, wearing petatos. / AΛEXANΔΡOY anti-clockwise from upper right, hoof and lower leg of a horse. Rogers 520-522; BCD Thessaly I 1314; BCD Thessaly II 707; Hoover HGC 583; Traité II-4, 620.TextFull Size
Rogers 524Pherae, Thessaly. Alexander, tyrant. 369-357 BC. AE15. Forepart of bull right / AΛEXAN-ΔΡOY, Forepart of horse right. BMC 18-19; Rogers 524; Hoover HGC 584.TextFull Size
Rogers 525Pherai, Thessaly, AE 14 mm, struck under the tyrant Alexander, 369-357 BC. 2.33 g. Forepart of bull butting right. / AΛEXAN-ΔΡOY above and beneath forepart of horse galloping right. Rogers 525; BCD Thessaly II 708.2; Hoover HGC 584; Traité II-4, 621.TextFull Size
Rogers 530Pherai, Thessaly, AE14, struck by the tyrant Teisiphon, 359-353 BC. 2.6 g. Forepart of bull butting right. / TEIΣIΦONOY (retrograde), forepart of horse galloping right. Rogers 530; BCD Thessaly II 710; Hoover HGC 585; Traité II-4, 623.TextFull Size
Rogers 531Pherai, Thessaly, AE21, 3rd c. BC. 8.1 g. Head of the nymph Hypereia facing three-quarters left, torch in left field. / ΦEΡAIΩN, Warrior on horseback galloping right, holding spear, lion's head fountain in upper left field. Rogers 531; SNG Cop 457; BCD Thessaly II 716.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 239
as below
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SNG Cop 239Pherai, Thessaly. 4th Century BC. AR Triobol. Laureate head of Hypereia left; torch behind / The nymph Hypereia placing hand on a lion's head fountain; AS-TO within wreath. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 241Pherai, Thessaly. Circa 404-369 BC. AE11mm, 1.47 g. Head of the nymph Hypereia right / ΦEΡAI, Lion’s head fountain spouting water right. Rogers 513; SNG Copenhagen 241. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 242Pherae, Thessaly. AE. Head of Hypereia right wearing wreath of myrtle / Lion's head right. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 244Pherai, Thessaly, AR obol struck by Alexander, Tyrant. 369-359 BC. 10 mm, 0.80 g. Wheel of four spokes. / AΛE, Double-axe (bipennis or labrys). SNG Cop 244; BCD 1313; Traité II-4, 618.TextFull Size
Sear SG 2204Thessaly, Pherae, ca 4th Century BC,. AR Triobol (2.39 gm). Head of Hypereia left, in myrtle wreath; torch behind / ΦEΡAIOYN, Nymph Hypereia standing left, placing right hand on lion's head fountain; AΣ-TO in wreath at left. BMC 20, SNG Cop 239. TextFull Size
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