Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Gomphi

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BCD 71.4Gomphi-Philippopolis, Thessaly, AE 19, ca 350 BC. 6.35 g. Head of Hera facing slightly right, wearing stephane / ΓOMΦIΩN, Zeus seated left on throne, holding thunderbold and sceptre. BCD Thessaly 71.4.TextImage
BCD 1041Gomphi-Philippopolis, Thessaly, AR hemidrachm, ca 350 BC. 15mm, 2.68 g. Head of Hera facing, wearing stephane, pendant earrings and a torc-like necklace / ΦIΛIΠΠ-OΠOΛITΩN, Zeus seated left on rock, holding sceptre. Thunderbolt in left field. BCD Collection 1041; BMC 1.TextImage
BCD 1042Gomphi-Philippopolis, Thessaly, AR obol, ca 350 BC. 0.84 g. Head of Hera right, hair rolled with a high, ornamented stephane, and wearing earring, and necklace / ΦIΛIΠΠ-OΠOΛITΩN, Zeus, naked, walking right, holding eagle and wielding thunderbolt. BCD (Nomos) 1042; Demetriadi 2.TextImage
Lanz 102, 215Gomphi, Thessaly, AR obol, 350 BC. 0.88 g. Head of Hera right, wearing stephane, earring and necklace / ΦIΛ-IΠΠO, Zeus, naked, walking right, holding eagle and wielding thunderbolt. Apparently unpublished with this short rev. legend. Lanz 102, 215.TextImage
SNG Cop 52Thessaly, Gomphi-Philippopolis. Circa 306-283 BC. AE 19mm. Head of nymph facing / Zeus Palamnaeus seated left. TextImage
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