Ancient Coinage of Syrtica, Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna near Khoms, Libya, was once the third-most important city in Africa, rivalling Carthage and Alexandria. Thanks to the dedication of the Libyans, it is probably the best preserved and most stunning ancient city in the world. May the gods protect it from harm.
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RPC 851Leptis Magna, Syrtica (Libya), AE26, time of Tiberius, 37 AD. 9.45 gr. LPQY (neo-Punic), Head of Dionysos right wearing taenia / Bull's hide on club. RPC 851v.TextImage
SNG Cop 2Leptis Magna, Syrtica, AE19 quadrans, 70-27 BC. 4.95 g. No legend, head of Shadrapha left, wreathed with ivy, hair in three braids behind head / Punic legend lpqy-mpqd to left and right of club, all within laurel wreath. SNG Cop 2; Müller Afrique 2.TextImage
SNG Cop 6Leptis Magna, Syrtica. AE22, ca 108-30 BC. 10.98 gr. Turreted head of Tyche right / LPQY in neo-Punic in the angles of crossed club and thyrsos. Hunter 8; Mueller Afrique II, 6; SNG Copenhagen 6; Lindgren III 1594.TextImage
RPC 841Augustus, AE15 of Leptis Magna, Syrticae, 27 BC-AD 14. 2.08 g. LP-QY in neo-Punic to left and right of head of Dionysus left, wreathed with ivy / Bare head of Augustus right. RPC 841; Müller Afrique Supp. 5b.TextImage
RPC 845Augustus, AE26 of Leptis Magna, Syrticae, 27 BC-AD 14. 7.18 g. Bare head of Augustus right / LPQY in neo-Punic beneath capricorn left, holding globe and with cornucopiae over shoulder. RPC 845 (this coin); Müller Afrique 17; SNG Cop 15; Paris 35.TextImage
RPC 846Augustus, AE26 of Leptis Magna, Syrticae, 27 BC-AD 14. 6.41 g. Bare head of Augustus right / LPQY in neo-Punic, eagle standing right; above, peacock (inverted) standing left. RPC 846; Müller Afrique 18; SNG Cop 16.TextImage
RPC 848Augustus, posthumous AE38 of Leptis Magna, Syrticae, struck under Tiberius, AD 21-31 AD. 29.36 g. DIVOS AVGVSTVS, laureate head right, star above / LPQY in neo-Punic characters, Dionysos, wearing long robe, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos; panther behind him. RPC 848; Müller Afrique 21; SNG Cop. 17.TextImage
RPC 849Tiberius, AE30 of Leptis Magna, Syrtica. AD 14-37. 18.92 g. IMP CAESAR AVG, bare head right / AVGVSTA MATER PATRIA, Livia seated right, holding patera and sceptre. RPC 849; SNG Cop 18.TextImage
See also Website of Dr Hafed Walda, leader of an archaeological team in Leptis Magna. (Note: some sections are empty)
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