Ancient Coinage of Syrtica

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CNG 79, 476Syrtica, North Africa, uncertain mint, AE19, 2nd c. BC. 8.01 g. KH(?) in neo-Punic to right of head of Serapis right, modius on head, caduceus behind head / QG in neo-Punic across fields, Hermes standing left, holding purse(?) and caduceus. Not in Mueller, SNG Cop, Mionnet, BMC etc. CNG 79, Lot 476.TextImage
SNG Cop 68Syrtica, North Africa, uncertain mint, AE14, 2nd c. BC. 2.89 g. Draped bust of a male deity right, wearing modius or tiara. Punic "T" in left field / Punic "BT" beneath lion right, left front paw raised. Mueller III, 83 (Numidia); SNG Cop. 68.TextImage