Ancient Coinage of Syria, Caesarea Panias

At the base of Mt. Hermon, Caesarea Panias (modern day Banias) is where a large spring emerges from a cave which became the centre of a Pan cult. The cave or grotto is surrounded by several niches for statues, (seen on some coins of Paneas) and inscriptions on the rock-face still remain.

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Meshorer 1Caesaria Panias, Syria, time of Marcus Aurelius. AE19, dated year 172 (168-169 AD.) Turreted, draped bust of Tyche right / POB KAICAΡ PANIA DOC in four lines within wreath. Rosenberger 15; Meshorer Caesaria Panias 1.TextImage
Meshorer 1 (2)Caesarea Paneas, Syria. AE18, Semi-Autonomous, Dated AD 169 (year 172 of the local era). Turreted, draped bust of Tyche right / BOP KAICAΡ PANIA DOC in four lines within wreath. Sofaer pl. 34,1. Meshorer (Paneas) 1.TextImage
Meshorer 2Caesarea Panias (Trachonitis), Syria, AE14, time of Marcus Aurelius. 3.58g. 169 AD. Head of Pan right / KAICAΡ PANIA DOC POB, syrinx (Pan pipes). SNG ANS 860; Meshorer Caesarea Pania, 2.Text

Meshorer 3Caesarea Panias, Syria, AE10, 0.99g. ca 169 AD. Head of Pan left / no legend, Syrinx (Pan pipes). Meshorer Caesaria Pania 3; Meshorer 185. Rosenberger 8.Text

RPC 4952Livia, AE16 of Caesarea Paneas, struck by Herod Philip, Tetrarch of Batanea, 4 BC-AD 34 AD. IOYLIA CEBACTH, draped bust of Livia right / KARPOFOROCC ("fruit-bearing"), hand holding three stalks of grain, L L-D (year 34) across fields. Hendin 1233; RPC 4952, RPC 4949; Hendin 540.TextImage
Hendin 534Tiberius AE19 of Judaea, Herod Philip. Struck at Caesarea Panias in 19 AD. TIBERIOS SEBAS, laureate bust right [star countermark to right] / FILIPPOY TETPAPXO, tetrastyle temple, date L-I-Θ between columns. TextImage
RPC 4977Caesonia, AE18 of Caesaraea Panias, Syria. Dated RY 5 of Agrippa I (AD 40-41). (KAISWNIA GUNH SEBASTOU), Draped bust of Caesonia left, wearing hair in long plait / (DROUSILLA QUGATRI SEBASTOU), Drusilla standing facing, head right, holding Nike and branch, LE in left field. RPC 4977; Meshorer 117; SNG ANS -.Text

Hendin 582Nero AE18 Half-denomination of Judaea, Agrippa II, on refounding Caesarea Panias as Neronias. NERWNOS KAISAR SEBASTOU, laureate bust of Nero right / EPI BASILE AGRIPPI NERW NIE, inscription within a circle & wreath. AJC 2.TextImage
Hendin 583Nero AE14 Quarter-denomination of Judaea, Agrippa II, on refounding Caesarea Panias as Neronias. NERW KAISAR SEBASTOU, laureate head right / EPI BASILE AGRIPPI NERW NIE, inscription within circle & wreath. AJC 3.TextImage
RPC 4846Poppaea, AE20 of Caesarea Panias, Syria. after 65 AD, posthumous for Poppaea and her daughter Claudia. DIVA POPPAEA AV, distyle temple on high base, with veiled statue of Poppaea seated left within, holding cornucopiae (and/or patera) / DIVA CLAVD NER F, hexastyle round temple with domed roof, female figure standing left within, holding cornucopiae. RPC 4846; SNG ANS 858; Meshorer, Caesaria Panias, Plate 7, H. TextImage
RPC 4868Diva Poppaea & Diva Claudia AE 18mm of Caesarea Panias, Syria. c65 AD. DIVA POPPAEA AVG, distyle temple with seated figure of Poppaea / DIVA CLAVDIA NER, hexastyle temple with figure of Nero.TextImage
RPC 2243Vespasian, for Agrippa II, AE24 of Caesarea Panias, Syria. AYTOKΡA OYECΠACI KAICAΡI CEBACTΩ, laureate head right / ET ΔI-BA, AΓΡI-ΠΠA in two lines across fields, Tyche standing left, kalathos on head, holding two corn-ears and cornucopiae. RPC 2243; Meshorer 7; Paris 139.TextImage
Because of the uncertainty about which Caesarea (Panias or Maritima) was source of some coins of the Flavians, see also Caesarea Maritima
RPC 2305Domitian, 83 AD., AE23 of Caesaria Panias, Syria. 10.95 gr. IMP DOMITIANVS CAES AVG GERMANICVS, laureate head left / No legend, Athena, helmeted, standing left, holding shield and spear, placing helmet on trophy consisting of cuirass, two shields and spears, two crossed greaves at bottom. Hendin 1455, Meshorer TJC 392, RPC II 2305, SNG ANS 492-494. TextImage
RPC 2307Domitian, AE28, Caesaria Panias, Syria. AD 81-96. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI, radiate head right / IMP XXI COS XVI CENS P P P, Seven-branched palm-tree with two bunches of dates. RPC 2307; BMC 31.TextImage
SNG ANS 862Marcus Aurelius AE24 of Caesarea Panias, Trachonitis. 161-180 AD. Year 172 = 168/9 AD. [A]YT KAIC M AYP - ANTW[NEINOC CEB], laureate bust right, slight drapery on shoulder / KAIC CEBA IEP KAI - ACY T P PANEIW around, date PO - B across field, Pan, naked, standing right, leaning against tree trunk, legs crossed, playing flute. Rosenberger 11. SNG ANS 862.TextImage
Hunter 1Commodus, AE24 of Caesaria Panias, Syria. AY K M AYΡ ANTO KOM, laureate head right / KAIC CEB IEΡ KAI ACY T ΠΡ ΠANE ΠhA, Pan, naked, standing front, looking right, legs crossed, leaning against a tree trunk and playing flute. Hunter 1; Meshorer, Caesarea Paneas 9-9b; Paris 231; Vienna 21947.TextImage
SNG ANS 872Caracalla AE 21mm of Caesarea Panias, Trachonitis, Syria. Dated year 214 (210/1 AD). M AVP ANTWN(INOC CEB), laureate head right, seen from behind / KAICAΡIA PIAC, shepherd's crook & pan-flute; date CID below. Rosenberger 29.TextImage
Meshorer 59 varElagabalus AE25, of Caesaria Panias. AVT KAI ANTWNINOC, Laureate, cuirassed bust right / KAIC PE IER.. Pan standing facing, legs crossed, playing pipes; resting elbow on tree trunk; to left, three goats, one standing, two recumbent, ("single-headed triple goat"), crescent above. cf. Meshorer, INJ 8, 59 (Julia Soaemias).TextImage
SNG ANS 884Elagabalus. AE27 of Trachonitis, Caesarea Panias, Syria, Year 222 = 218/9 AD. AVT K M ANTWNINOC C, laureate, cuirassed bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder / KAI PAN CE - B I ACY around, (would also have date CK B in exergue), Grotto of Pan, between pedum on left and syrinx on right, within which Pan, naked, leaning, with legs crossed, against trunk of tree and playing flute. SNG ANS 884; Rosenberger 47.TextImage
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