Ancient Coinage of Hispania Ulterior, (Portugal), Ebora

Ebora (modern day Evora, Portugal) has a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods, including a Roman Temple. The Romans conquered the town in 57 BC and expanded it into a walled town. City walls and ruins of Roman baths still remain.

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RPC 50Augustus, AE Dupondius of Ebora, Hispania Ult. (Portugal). 19.40 g. Struck after 12 BC. PERMISSV CAESARIS AVGVSTI P M, bare head left / LIBERALITATIS IVL EBOR, priestly implements: patera (above), aspergillum, jug, and simpulum, knife below. RPC I, 50.TextImage
RPC 51Augustus, AE of Ebora, Portugal. PERM CAES AVG P M, bare head left / LIBERA LITATIS IVLIAE EBOR in four lines within wreath. RPC 51; SNG Cop. 397; Burgos 901.TextImage