Ancient Coinage of Spain, Castulo

[Burgos 544]

Castulo, in the Jaén province, Andalusia, Spain.

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Burgos 540Castulo, Spain, AE34. Ca 1st century BC. Male head (resembling Augustus) right / helmeted sphinx advancing right, star before. SGI 15v. TextImage
Burgos 544Spain, Castulo. Late 2nd Century BC. AE 28mm. Diademed male head right; hand before / helmeted sphinx walking right; star before, Iberian 'KASTILO' below. Villaronga 39. TextImage
Burgos 545Castulo, Spain, AE29. Ca 1st century BC. Male head (resembling Augustus) right, crescent before / helmeted sphinx advancing right, star before, Iberian legend in ex. SGI 15. TextImage
Burgos 560Spain, Castulo, 2nd Century BC AE Semis. Diademed and beardless male head right./ Bull standing right, crescent above, Iberian legend CASTULO below. SNGCop 213-216 TextImage
Burgos 561Spain. Castulo. Circa 50 BC. AE 20mm (3.66 gm). Diademed male head right; A in front / Bull standing right; L(crescent) above. Villaronga 54. TextImage
Burgos 566Spain. Castulo. Circa 50 BC. AE Quadrans, 14.5-15.5, 4.88 g. Diademed young male head right / Boar standing right; star above. Villaronga 54; Burgos (2000) 735v. TextImage
Burgos 700Castulo, Spain, AE27 As. 16.79 gr. Male head right, hand before / Sphinx right, CaSTeLE in Iberian script below. Burgos 700.TextImage
Burgos 709Castulo, Spain AE As. 32 mm, 22.5 g. 76-45 BC. ISCER SACAL, youthful male head right / CAST SOCED, sphinx right. Burgos (2008) 709; Ripolles 905; Villaronga 14.TextImage
Burgos 723Castulo, Spain, AE Semis. 17mm, 4.94 gr. Diademed, youthful head right, Iberian letter before / Bull standing right, head facing, crescent and retrograde L above, Iberian letter below. Burgos (2008) 723.TextImage
Burgos 728Castulo, Spain, AE Semis 6,26 gr. 22 mm. CN VOC S T F, Bare, male head right / Bull right over CN and crescent. Burgos (2008), 728.TextImage
Burgos 746Castulo, Spain, AE12 Sextans. 1.13 gr. Male head right / Bull standing right, crescent above. Burgos 746.TextImage
Burgos 747Castulo, Spain, AE As, 21,63 gr. 29,5 mm. L QVL F O ISC F, male head left / M C F, Europa riding bull right, veil billowing above her head. Burgos (2008) 747; Villaronga 70.TextImage
Burgos 750Castulo, Spain, AE Semis, 20mm, 5.42 g. Head of Apollo left / Crescent over CN above bull standing right. Burgos (2008) 750.TextImage
Burgos 897Castulo, Spain, AE17, (2.76g) 1st century BC, Young male head right, Phoenician letter before / Bull right, crescent above, two Phoenician letters below. TextImage
CNHAAA 45Spain, Celtiberian, Castulo AE Semis. Late second century BC. Diademed male head right, palm branch before / Bull standing right, head facing, crescent moon above. TextImage
SNG BM 1264Spain, Castulo, AE18, 2.71 gr. 2nd to 1st C. BC. Male head right; NC behind / Bull standing right; crescent above. SNG BM 1264ff, CNH 15.TextImage
SNG BM 1298Spain, Castulo AE28. Late 2nd Century BC. Diademed male head right / sphinx standing right, left paw raised; star before. TextImage
SNG Cop. 223Hispania, Castulo, AE30. L Q V F Q ISC F, male head left / MCF, Europa, cloak billowing over her head, riding bull right. SNG Cop. 223, SNG BM Spain 1394, Villaronga CNH 339, Burgos 120/906.TextImage
Villaronga 5Spain, Castulo. Before 214/12 BC. AE Half Unit. Diademed youthful male head right / Bull standing right, crescent above. TextImage
Villaronga 12Castulo, Spain, AE Semis. 2nd Century BC. Laureate male head to the right. S before / Bull standing right. Crescent upward above. MI before, legend beneath. TextImage
Villaronga 36Spain, Castulo AE27 As. 204-154 BC. Male head / sphinx with human head. TextImage
Villaronga 47Castulo, Spain, AE quadrans. 14-15.5 mm, 3.43 gr. Diademed male head right, club before / Wild boar walking right, CaSTeLe in Iberian script below. Villaronga 47.TextImage
Villaronga 58Castulo, Spain, AE19 Quadrante. 2.21 gm. AP CLO (from bottom right, anti-clockwise), laureate male head right / CAVF A POS above and beneath boar running right. Villaronga 58.TextImage
Sear SG 15Castulo AE30. Head of Augustus (?) right / Helmeted Sphinx right, star before, Iberian legend in ex.TextImage