Ancient Coinage of Spain, Carteia

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Burgos 526aSpain, Carteia AE Quadrans. Time of Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD. IIII VIT TR, laureate head of Neptune right / CARTEIA above, CMINI CF below, dolphin swimming right.Text

Burgos 635Carteia, Spain, AE Semis 4,94 gr. 18 mm. Bare, male head right / CARTE, prow right. Burgos (2008), 635.TextImage
Burgos 680Carteia, Spain, AE Semis or Quadrante. 18 mm, 3.56 gr. Triumvir C. Minius. 55 BC. III VIR ITER, bearded head of Neptune right, trident behind head / CARTEIA above dolphin swimming right, C MINI Q F below. Burgos (2008) 680; Villaronga 55.TextImage
Burgos 2042Carteia, Spain, 2nd - 1st Century BC. AE Semis, 7.3 grams. Laureate head of Jupiter right / prow of galley right, ROMA in exergue. SNG Cop 425-427cf. TextImage
Mionnet 63Carteia, Spain. AE23. Time of Augustus, 27 BC to 14 AD. IIII VIT TR, laureate head of Neptune right, trident behind / Q PEDI above, CARTEIA beneath dolphin swimming right. Mionnet I, 63.TextImage
RPC 120Spain, Carteia, after 44 BC. AE Semis 20mm, 5.14 gr. CARTEIA, Turreted head of Tyche right / C VIBI IV IIII VIR, Fisherman seated left on rock. Villaronga 53; ACIP 2613; RPC I 120.TextImage
Sear 68Hispania, Carteia, AE17. CARTEIA, turreted head of city goddess right / IIII VIR, winged Genius riding dolphin right. EX D dot D in ex. Heiss 23, Sear 68. TextImage
SNG Cop 439Spain, Carteia, AE 17mm, 3.55g. 100-40 BC. CARTEIA, Turreted head of Tyche right; trident behind / Cornucopiae. SNG Cop 439.TextImage
SNG Cop 441Spain, Carteia, AE Quadrans. ca 1st-century BC - 1st Century AD. IIII VIR above, DD below, rudder / CARTEIA below dolphin swimming left with trident. TextImage
SNG UK 1734Hispania, Carteia, AE20. CARTEIA, inscription before head of turreted head of city goddess right / VIBI IIII C MINIVS IIII, inscription around rudder, II in left field, IV in right field. SNGUK 1734, Chaves 794, Mionnet 106. TextImage
Villaronga_71Spain, Carteia. Under Roman Rule. Circa 204-154 BC. AE Semis. Female head right, towered / Neptune standing left, holding trident; dolphin to left. TextImage
RPC 123Germanicus & Drusus AE18 of Carteia, Spain. GERMANICO ET DRVSO, turreted head of city goddess facing right / CART CAESARIBVS IIII VIR around rudder. SGI 363, Lindgren II 82. TextImage
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