Ancient Coinage of Spain, Calagurris

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RPC 441Augustus AE29 of Calagurris, Spain. AVGVSTVS MVCAL IVLIA. laureate head right / L BAEB PRISCO C GRAN BROC II VIR, bull standing right.TextImage
RPC 444Augustus AE28 of Calagurris, Spain. issued under M. Lic. Capel and C. Ful. Rutil, duoviri, after 2 BC. IMP AVGVSTVS PATER PATRIAE, laureate head right. / M LIC CAPEL, M C I to left, II VIR to right and C FVL RVTI, some partly ligate, bull standing right. RPC I 444; SNG Cop 582.TextImage
RPC 445Augustus, AE As of Calagurris. 29.5 mm, 12.41 g. Duovirs L. Valentinus and L. Novus. 2 BC. IMP AVGVST PATER PATRIAE, laureate head right / MV CAL I L VALENTINO L NOVO II VIR, (partially ligate), bull standing right. RPC 445; SNG Cop 583; Paris 355; Burgos (2008) 418.TextImage
RPC 447Augustus AE As of Calagurris, Spain. C Semp Barba III & Q Baeb Flavus, Duovirs. IMP CAESAR AVGVSTVS P P, laureate head right / M CAL I C SEMP BARBA III Q BAEB FLAVO II VIR, bull standing right. Burgos 319.TextImage
RPC 448Augustus AE As of Calahorra, Spain. TI AVGVS DIVI AVGVSTI IMP CAESAR, laureate head right / FVL SPARSO L SATVRNINO II VIR MCI, bull standing right. Burgos 580.TextImage
RPC 448
Sear'88 #580
Tiberius Ae AS Provincial of Calagurris (Calahorra), Spain. 14-36 AD. TI AVGVS DIVI AVGVSTI IMP CAESAR / FVL SPARSO L SATVRNINO II VIR MCI, bull standing right. Burgos 580. TextImage
RPC 450Tiberius, AE29 of Calagurris, Spain. AD 14-37. 11.65 g. C. Celer and C. Rectus, duoviri. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS, laureate head right. / M C I C CELERE C RECTO, bull standing right; II VIR in right field. RPC I 450.TextImage
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