Ancient Coinage of Spain, Arekorata

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Burgos 79Spain, Arecoratas. Circa 120-20 BC. AR Denarius. Male head right; annulet behind / Horseman right, with couched lance; Celtiberian ARECOR in exergue. Villaronga pg.274, 26. TextImage
CNH 26Spain, Arekorata (Numantia) AR Denarius. End of second century BC. Male head right, in beaded necklace, pellet in circle behind / Iberian inscription Arekorata, horseman galloping right with couched spear. Heiss pl. xxxi, 12. Vives pl. xl, 11. TextImage
Villaronga 26Spain, Arekorata. Late 2nd Century BC. AR Denarius (3.52 gm). Male head right; O behind / Warrior riding right with couched lance. TextImage
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