Ancient Coinage of Spain, Abdera

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Burgos 10Abdera, Baetica, Spain, AE Semis. 8.05 g. Tetrastyle temple / Two tunny fish, Punic legend between them. Burgos 10; Villaronga 1.TextImage
Burgos 17Abdera, Baetica, Spain, AE Semis. 6.30 g. Helmeted male head right / Dolphin and tunny fish. Legend between them. FAB 17.TextImage
Burgos 18Abdera, Baetica, Spain, AE Semis. 3.95 g. Male, helmeted head left / Dolphin and tunny fish, Punic legend between them. Burgos 18.TextImage
Villaronga 112Abdera, Baetica, Spain, AE unit. 7.5 g. Tetrastyle temple with crayfish within the central columns / Two tunny fish swimming left, Punic legend BDRT between them. Villaronga 112.1.TextImage
Villaronga 113Abdera, Baetica, Spain, AE quadrans. 2.0 g. Male, helmeted head right / Dolphin swimming right, Punic legend BDRT below. Villaronga 113.11.TextImage
RPC 125Tiberius, AE26 As of Abdera, Spain. 9.89 g. AD 14-37. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / ABDERA across and between the columns of a tetrastyle temple, the centre two columns in the form of tunny fish, Punic legend BDRT in the pediment. RPC I 125; Mionnet I, 21; SNG Cop 470; Paris 1063.TextImage