Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Syracuse, Dionysios II

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BMC 8Dionysios II, Syracuse, Sicily. AE22. 367-357 BC. 8.74 g. "Kainon" issue. Griffin springing left, locust below. / KAINON beneath horse prancing left, trailing its rein, eight-rayed star above. BMC 8; SNG ANS 1175; Hoover HGC 509; CNS 10.TextImage
HGC 509Dionysios II, Syracuse, Sicily. AE20 unit. 367-357 BC. 7.72 g. Griffin springing left, waved line of clouds below. / Horse prancing left, trailing its rein. BMC 7 ("Caena"); Hoover HGC 509 (Kainon, with KAINON beneath the horse); Campana 1 (ditto); CNS 1 (ditto).TextImage
SNG Cop 314Sicily, Syracuse AE15. Before 357 BC. Head of Artemis-Arethusa left, dolphin behind / Wheel with four spokes, dolphins in lower quarters. TextImage
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