Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Sikeliotes

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Burnett 112Sicily, The Sikeliotes. Struck in Morgantina. ca 214-213 BC. AR 4 Litrai. Wreathed & veiled head of Persephone left; poppy behind / ΣIKEΛIΩTAN, Nike driving quadriga left; MT monogram. Hoover HGC 911.TextImage
Hoover HGC 907Sicily. The Sikeliotes, AV 25 litrae or quarter-stater. 12mm, 2.07 g. Morgantina mint. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet; two dots behind neck, thunderbolt behind head / ΣIKEΛIΩTAN, Owl standing half right, head facing, wings closed. TIΣ or HΣ monogram in right field. Hoover HGC 907 (this coin) otherwise unpublished.TextImage
Hoover HGC 909Sicily. The Sikeliotes, Morgantina. 214-213 BC. AR 12 Litrae, 9.29g. Laureate head of Zeus left / ΣIKEΛIΩTAN beneath winged thunderbolt; HΣ monogram above. Hoover HGC 909.TextImage
Hoover 910Sicily. The Sikeliotes, Morgantina. 214-213 BC. AR 8 Litrae. Head of Persephone left, veiled and wearing wreath of grain ears; leaf behind head / ΣIKEΛIΩTAN beneath Nike, holding kentron in right hand, reins in both, driving fast quadriga right; HΣ monogram above. Hoover HGC 910; SNG ANS 1168; Campana 12; SNG Lloyd 1578; Gulbenkian 362; Bement 557.TextImage
Hoover 912Sicily. The Sikeliotes, Morgantina. 214-213 BC. AR 2 Litrae, 13mm, 1.93 g. Laureate head of Zeus right / ΣIKEΛIΩTAN, horseman galloping right, holding spear; HΣ monogram above. Hoover HGC 912; SNG ANS 1169.TextImage
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