Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Mytistratos

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Calciati 2Mytistratus, Sicily. ca 340 BC. AE Onkia. Head of Hephaestus right, wearing pileus; dot on pileus / MYT, three spoked wheel with dot in centre. BMC 3. TextImage
Hoover 953Mytistratos, Sicily. AE drachm or hemilitron, ca. 344-336 BC. 28 mm, 31.74 g. Head of Hephaistos right, wearing pileus. / YM (MY retrograde) between six dots above and beneath, all within wreath. Calciati 1; Hoover HGC 953.TextImage
Hoover 954Mytistratos, Sicily. AE Hexas, ca. 340-330 BC. 20 mm, 6.77 g. Bearded head of Hephaistos right, wearing pileus. / Trefoil-like device; M-Y-T within segments. Campana 3; Calciati 2 OS; SNG ANS -; Hoover HGC 954.TextImage
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