Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Kainon

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Calciati 1Sicily, Kainon. Circa 365-360 BC. AE 20mm. Griffin bounding left / KAINON, bridled horse left. SNG ANS (Aleasa) 1169-1174. TextImage
Calciati 9Sicily, Kainon. c360-340 BC. AE 21mm. Griffin running left, wings spread, grasshopper below / KAINON in ex, horse prancing left, reins loose. TextImage
Calciati 10"Kainon." c360-340 BC. AE 21mm. Griffin running left; grasshopper below / Horse prancing left, reins loose; star above. TextImage
Calciati 13Sicily, Kainon AE22. ca 365 BC. Griffin springing left, grasshopper below / Horse running left, star above. SNG ANS 1178 [Alaisa]. TextImage
Sear SG 1048Kainon, Sicily, AE26. c 340 BC, Griffin springing left / horse prancing left, KAINON in exergue. SNG ANS 1169.TextImage
Magna Graecia Coins of Kainon
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