Ancient Coinage of Seleucia

-Seleuikis and Pieria
321-280 BCSeleukos I Nikatr (became king in 312 BC)
280-261 BCAntiochos I Str (son of Seleukos I)
261-246 BCAntiochos II Theos
246-226 BCSeleukos II Kallinikos
246-227 BCAntiochos Hierax, independent regime in Asia Minor
226-223 BCSeleukos III Keraunos
223-187 BCAntiochos III, the Great
222-220 BCMolon of Media, usurper under Antiochos III
220-214 BCAchaios, uncle of and usurper under Antiochos III
187-175 BCSeleukos IV Philipator
c175-170 BCAntiochos son of Seleukos IV
175-163 BCAntiochos IV Epiphanes
163-162 BCAntiochos V Eupator
162-160 BCTimarchos, satrap of Babylon, usurper on accession of Demetrios
162-150 BCDemetrios I Ster
150-145 BCAlexander I Balas
145-140 & 129-125 BCDemetrios II Nikator
145-142 BCAntiochos VI Dionysus
137 BCTryphon (Diodotos of Apameia)
137-134 BCAntiochos VII Euergetes/Sidetes
128 BCAntiochos Epiphanes, Son of Antiochos VII
128-123 BCAlexander II Zebinas
121-96 BCAntiochos VIII Grypos
113-95 BCAntiochos IX Kyzikenos
95-94 BCSeleukos VI Epiphanes Nikator
94-83 BCAntiochos X Eusebes Philopator
93 BCAntiochos XI Epiphanes Philadelphos
95-88 BCDemetrios III Philopator
93-83 BCPhilip Philadelphos
88-84 BCAntiochos XII Dionysos
83-69 BCTigranes II of Armenia
69-64 BCAntiochos XIII Asiatikos
After 64 BCRoman Province of Syria, coins in the name of Philip Philadelphos
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