Ancient Coinage of Aimilion, Pontos

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SNG BMC 1044Aimilion, Pontos, AE23, semi-autonomous issue. ca 66-45 BC. 11.6 g. Turreted head of Tyche right. / AIMIΛIOY beneath winged thunderbolt, star-in-crescent above. SNG BM Black Sea 1044; Hoover HGC 221; Imhoof "Pontus.." XVI 1-2; Imhoof GM 109 ("Himilion, Paphlagonia"); SNG France 7, 2017-2018; RecGen 1.TextImage
SNG France 7, 2019Aimilion, Pontos, AE22, 100-0 BC, 7.33 g. Laureate head of Apollo right. / AIMIΛIOY, winged thunderbolt; crescent and star above. SNG France 7, 2019; Grand-Duc Michaïlovitch 1359; RecGen 2.TextImage