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SNG France 1643.Julia Maesa AE 25mm of Pisidia, Olbasa. IVL MAESA AVG, draped bust of Julia Maesa right / COL IVL AVG OLBASE, Hygeia standing right facing Aesculapius standing left, holding serpent staff. Aulock Olbasa 28; SNG France 1643. TextImage
SNG von Aulock 5128Julia Mamaea AE 19mm of Olbasa, Pisidia. IVLIA MAMIA (sic) AVG, draped bust right / COL OLBASEN, Herakles, nude, standing left leaning on club & holding lion skin. SNG France 1640. TextImage
von Aulock 33Trebonianus Gallus AE33mm of Olbasa, Pisidia. IMP CAESAR C VIB TREB (...) AVG, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / COL IVL AVG F OLBASENORVM, the god MÍn on horseback right. TextImage
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