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SNGFr 1019 Pisidia, Adada. Circa 1st Century BC. AE 14mm (2.29 gm). Bull's head facing; six-pointed star above / A-Δ-A between legs of a triskeles. Waddington 3545. TextFull Size
SNG von Aulock 4902cfValerian and Gallienus AE 41mm of Pisidia, Adada. AVT OVAΛ..ΓAΛΛIHN.. ΛIKINN, Π.. below. Confronted draped busts of Valerian and Gallienus / AΔAΔA-EINΩC between columns and beneath hexastyle temple. von Aulock Pisidien I, 114ff.; SNG von Aulock 4902.TextImage
SNG Righetti 1322Salonina and Valerian II. AE28 of Adada, Pisidia. AD 255-258. 13.11 g. CAΛΩNINA KO OYAΛEΡIANOC, draped bust of Salonina right, wearing stephane, facing bare-headed, draped bust of Valerian II left / AΔAΔEΩN, Hekate triformis standing, polo on heads, holding knives, torches and serpents. Value mark H in lower right field. SNG Righetti 1322.TextFull Size
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