Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Hyrgaleis (Ipsus)

Hyrgaleis (modern day Bekirli): a federation of townships in the area north of the Maeander between Dionysopolis and Peltae, striking semi-autonomous coins and imperial coins from Antoninus Pius to Severus Alexander.

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BMC 3Hyrgalis, Phrygia. AE28 semi-autonomous issue. AD 221-222. Dated local year 306. ΔHMOC, laureate, draped bust of Demos right. / YΡΓAΛEΩN TO TC, Apollo standing right, holding bow, lyre on a tripod before him, facing Artemis standing left, holding bow and arrow, stag at foot left. BMC 3; Waddington 6199; Aulock Phrygien I 347-348; Kurth Demos 346.TextImage
BMC 5Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AE28 mm. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of Elagabalus, 221-222 AD. Dated local year 306 (AD 222). ΔHMOC, unbearded, laureate bust of Demos right, slight drapery on left shoulder / YΡΓAΛEΩN T TV, Demeter standing left, holding grain ears and torch. Von Aulock Phrygiens 341; BMC 5.TextImage
BMC 6Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AE20 semi-autonomous issue, AD 211-235. Draped bust of Serapis right, kalathos on head. / YΡΓAΛΛEΩN, Isis standing left, holding sistrum and situla; crescent on shoulder. SNG Cop 482; BMC 6; Aulock Phrygien I 335-338; Waddington 6197; SNG Munich 258.TextImage
BMC 7Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AE18 semi-autonomous issue. AD 221-222. 2.95 g. Bearded, draped bust of Serapis right, kalathos on head. / YΡΓAΛEΩN TO TC, Hermes standing left, naked but for chlamys, holding purse and caduceus. BMC 7; Aulock Phrygien I 353-356; Imhoof GM 710; Waddington 6169; Paris 1386; Prowe III 1754; Prokesch Inedita 4 (1859).TextImage
Imhoof FG 368Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AE24 semi-autonomous issue, ca AD 198-235. 5.57 g. IEΡA BOYΛH, veiled and draped bust of Boule right. / YΡΓAΛΛEΩN MAIANΔΡOC, river-god Maeander reclining left, holding reed and cornucopiae, and resting on vase from which water flows. Imhoof KM 1; SNG Cop 481; Imhoof Flussgötter 368; Von Aulock, Phrygiens 331-332.TextImage
SNG Cop 482Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AE20, 211-235 AD. Time of Caracalla to Severus Alexander. Draped bust of Serapis right / YΡΓAΛΛEΩN, Isis standing left, holding sistrum and situla; crescent on shoulder. SNG Cop 482; BMC 6; Aulock Phrygien I 335-338; Waddington 6197; SNG Munich 258.TextImage
Von Aulock, Phr. I, 341Hyrgaleis, Phrygia, AE18. 222 AD. Time of Severus Alexander, 222 AD. Year 306 of the local era. ΔHMOC, Head of Demos right / YΡΓHΛETΩ TTC, Demeter, veiled and in chiton and mantle, standing left, holding corn ears and torch. Von Aulock, Phrygien I, 341; BMC 274.TextImage
SNG vA 3677Faustina I, AE of Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. Magistrate Apollodotos. AD 138-141. 5.06 g. ΦAYCTEINA CEBACTH, draped bust right. / EΠI AΠOΛΛOΔOTOY A C YΡΓAΛEΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesis standing facing, kalathos on head, crescent and star at upper left and right. SNG von Aulock 3677; von Aulock, Phrygiens I 361.TextImage
BMC 8Julia Domna, AE31 of Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AD 193-217. Magistrate Julius Adrastos. 17.3 g. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA CEBACT, draped bust right. / EΠI IOYΛIOY AΔΡACTOY AΡXO YΡΓAΛΛEΩN, Kybele seated left, holding patera, resting left arm on tympanum, lion at her side. BMC 8 (this coin); Aulock Phrygien I 364.TextImage
Righetti V 520Geta, AE20 of Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AD 198-209. 4.21 g. Π ΓETAC KAICAΡ, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust left. / YΡΓA-ΛEΩN, draped bust of Mên right, wearing Phrygian cap, crescent on shoulders. Righetti Sale V, 520. Unpublished.TextImage
BMC 10Severus Alexander, AE of Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. 10.67 g. Dated Year 306 = 222 AD. AVT K M AVΡ AΛEXANΔΡOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / YΡΓAΛEΩN TO TΣ, Apollo, holding plectrum and lyre on tripod, standing right, facing Artemis, standing left, holding bow and arrow, stag at foot. BMC 10; Von Aulock 376-377.TextImage
BMC 12Severus Alexander, AE26 of Hyrgaleis, Phrygia. AD 222-235. 8.63 g. Dated local year 306 (AD 222). M AYΡ AΛEXANΔΡOC AYΓ (YΓ ligate), laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / YΡΓAΛEΩN TO TC, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 12; Von Aulock, Phrygiens I 379-384; Imhoof GM 709.TextImage
Waddell I, 363Severus Alexander, AE35 of Hygaleis, Phrygia. 20.67 g. AYT K M AYΡ AΛEXANΔΡOC, laureate, cuirassed bust right, wearing balteos. / YΡΓAΛEΩN TO TC, Mên on horseback riding right, bipennis over shoulder, tree to right.TextImage
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