Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Gordium

Gordium, the ancient capital city of Phrygia was situated to the east of Sardes (Lydia) on the main road linking Lydia and Babylonia. According to legend, it was in the palace of Gordium that Alexander cut the famous "Gordian knot" ca 333 BC. After the death of Alexander in 323 BC, Gordium was ruled by Antigonus, the Seleukids, Celts, Attalids and finally by the Romans in 189 BC.

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Paris AA-GR 10254Gordium, Phrygia. AR13, autonomous issue. 0.55 gr. Jugate busts of Artemis and Apollo, both laureate, quiver over the shoulder of Artemis / ΓOΡΔIANΩN, bow and quiver. Paris AA.GR.10254; Borrell, Unedited Greek coins, p. 27 in NC 1845-1846. (this coin), otherwise unpublished.TextImage