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BMC 15Akmoneia, Phrygia. ca 133-48 BC. AE 23mm. Bust of Athena right, in high-crested Corinthian helmet and aegis / AKMONEΩN MHNOΔOTOΣ ΣIΛΛΩN, eagle alighting from thunderbolt, flanked by stars. TextFull Size
BMC 19Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE27. Pseudo-autonomous issue. AD 253-268. IEΡOC ΔHMOC, unbearded head right, bound with taenia / AKMON-EIA, Herakles standing right, holding club on rock, lionskin on arm. BMC 19; Righetti Sale 6146; Kurth Demos 264.TextFull Size
BMC 20Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE31, semi-autonomous issue, AD 253-268. 11.28 g. IEΡOC ΔHMOC, head of Demos right, hair bound in a taenia / AKMONEΩN, Dionysos, naked, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot left. BMC 20; Hirsch XIII, 4086; Kurth Demos 259.TextFull Size
BMC 23Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE23, semi-autonomous issue, 4.32 gr. ΔHMOC, bearded, draped bust of Demos right / AKMONEΩN; clasped hands. BMC 23; Kurth Demos 125; SNG Cop 21; SNG Munich 57; Waddington 5477.TextFull Size
BMC 24Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE21, semi-autonomous issue, AD 253-268. ΔHMOC, bearded, laureate and draped bust of Demos right / AKMONEΩN, eagle with open wings, standing right (on thunderbolt?). BMC 24; Kurth Demos 126; Prokesch 42 in Arch. Ztg, 1844; Sachs-Coburg 41 in RN 1892; Leypold 1379.TextFull Size
BMC 26Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE24 semi-autonomous issue. AD 253-268. IEΡA BOYΛH, veiled and draped bust of Boule right, right hand raised, holding her veil. / AKMONEΩN, Hermes, wearing petatos, naked except for chlamys over his left arm, standing left, holding purse and caduceus, ram standing left at foot left. BMC 26-27; Imhoof KM 8.TextFull Size
Imhoof KM 1Akmoneia, Phrygia. AE15, civic issue, 88-40 BC. Magistrate Theodotos Hierokles. 3.93 g. Turreted and veiled head of Tyche or Kybele right. / ΘEOΔOTOΣ IEΡOKΛEOYΣ AKMONEΩN to left and right of Artemis walking right, holding bow, stag standing right at her side. Imhoof KM 1; Hoover HGC 651; (SNG von Aulock 3368 but city name off flan and omitted).TextFull Size
RPC 3177Akmoneia, Phrygia, AE16, pseudo-autonomous issue. 65 AD. (from lower right, anti-clockwise) ΘEAN ΡΩMHN AKMONEIΣ, draped and turreted bust of Roma right / ΣEΡOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOΣ KAI IOYΛIAΣ ΣEOYHΡAΣ EΠI AΡC TO Γ, Nike standing right, holding wreath and palm branch. RPC 3177; BMC 17; SNG Cop 17.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 18Akmoneia, Phrygia. 2nd-3rd Century AD. AE 24mm. Draped female bust right, forepart of a small lion projecting over her right shoulder / Artemis walking right, drawing arrow from quiver. TextFull Size
Weber 6970Akmoneia, Phrygia. AE17. Civic issue, 100-1 BC. 2.6 g. Magistrate Theodotos Hierokles. Laureate head of Zeus right, wreathed with oak. / ΘEOΔOTO IEΡOKΛE AKMONEΩN to left and right of Asklepios standing front, leaning on serpent-entwined staff with right hand. Weber 6970-6971; SNG Munich 54; Walcher 2733; Hunter 2; SNG Cop 11; Hoover HGC 650.TextFull Size
RPC 3164Augustus, AE18 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Kordos. ΣEBAΣTOΣ, bare head left, pedum before head / AKMONEΩN KOΡΔOΣ, Nike walking right, holding wreath and palm branch. RPC I 3164; BMC 31-32; Paris 42; Waddington 5484; Imhoof MG 48A; SNG Munich 61.TextFull Size
RPC 3168Augustus AE20 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head right, lituus before / AKMONEΩN KΡATHΣ MHNOKΡITOY, Nike walking left holding wreath & palm. SGI 80, BMC 33.TextImage
RPC 3169Tiberius AE17 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. AD 14-37. 5.98 g. TIBEΡIOΣ KAIΣAΡ, bare head right. / AKMONEΩN KOΡΔ.., Nike walking left, holding wreath and palm branch. RPC 3169; SNG Munich 62; Paris 44A; Mabbott 1865.TextFull Size
RPC 3170Nero, AE of Akmoneia, Phrygia. 55 AD. 4.95 g. AYTOKΡATOΡ NEΡΩN KΛAYΔIOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΓEΡMANIKOΣ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, draped bust right / EΠI ΛEYKIOY ΣEΡ OYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOΣ AKMONEΩN, Zeus seated left, holding patera and sceptre, crescent and owl in left field. RPC 3170; BMC 37.TextFull Size
RPC 3171Nero AE18 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. ca 55 AD. L Severnius Capito, magistrate. AVTOKΡATΩΡ NEΡΩN KΛAYΔIOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, youthful, draped bust right / EΠI ΛEYKIOY ΣEΡOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOΣ AKMONEΩN, Zeus seated left holding patera & sceptre, crescent & owl in field. BMC 37, SNG Cop 26.TextImage
RPC 3174Nero AE18 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. NEΡΩN KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head right, caduceus behind, crescent before / ΣEΡOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOΣ KAI IOYΛIAΣ ΣEOYHΡAΣ AKMONEΩN EΠI AΡX, Zeus enthroned left holding patera & sceptre, owl below. SNGCop 28, BMC 42.TextImage
RPC 3176Nero AE19 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. NEΡΩNA CEBACTON AKMONEIC, laureate bust right wearing aegis, caduceus below [countermark of Aeslepius before] / CEΡOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOC CEOYHΠAC EΠI AΡX TO Γ, Zeus seated left holding patera & sceptre, owl under throne.TextImage
RPC 3175Poppaea, AE16 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. AD 62. 3.04 g. Magistrates L. Servenius Capito and Julia Severa. ΠOΠΠAIA CEBACTH, draped bust right, wreathed with corn. / CEΡOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOC KAI IOYΛIAC CEOYHΡAC AKMONEΩN, Artemis, wearing long skirt, walking right, holding bow and reaching for an arrow from the quiver at her shoulder. EΠI- AΡX (AX ligate) across fields. Lyre in lower right field. RPC I 3175; BMC 48-50; Paris 56-58; Waddington 5494- 5495; SNG Cop 24; SNG Fitz. 4914; SNG Munich 68; Niggeler I 632.TextFull Size
RPC 3172Agrippina II, AE16 of Acmoneia, Phrygia. AD 55. 3.25 g. Magistrate L. Servenios Kapitonos. AΓΡIΠΠINAN ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust right / (EΠI ΛEYKIOY ΣEΡ)OYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOΣ AKMONEΩN, Artemis walking right, holding bow and reaching for an arrow from the quiver at her shoulder, stag at foot right, Nike walking right, holding wreath and palm branch in right field. RPC I 3172; BMC 35; Berlin 28240.TextFull Size
BMC 51Trajan, AE20 of Acmoneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Menemachos. AD 98-117. AYTOKΡ TΡAIANOC, laureate head right / EΠI MENEMAXOY AKMONEΩN, river-god reclining left, holding reed and resting left arm on overturned urn. BMC 51; SNG Cop 30; Whittall II 720.TextFull Size
BMC 53Trajan AE17 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. Magistrate Menemaxos. AYTOK TΡAIANOC, laureate head right / EΠI MENEMA AKMONEXOY, Nike walking right, holding wreath and palm.TextImage
GN 2, 170Julia Domna, AE18 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. 193-217 AD. 3.1 gr. CEBACTA IOYΛIA ΔOM, draped bust right / AKMONEΩN, Dionysos standing left, holding thrysus and bunch of grapes, panther at foot left. Unpublished. Gitbud & Naumann, 2, 170.TextFull Size
Lanz 28, 632Plautilla, AE of Akmoneia, Phrygia. 3.17 g. ΦOYΛ ΠΛAYTIΛΛA CEB, diademed, draped bust right / EΠ ΦΛ ΠΡIΣKOY NEΓΡ AKMONEΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Lanz, 28, 632.TextFull Size
SNG Tub 3920Plautilla, AE19 of Acmoneia, Phrygia. AD 202-205. Magistrate Flabios Priskos. ΠΛAYTIΛΛA CEBACTA (sic), diademed and draped bust right. / EΠI ΦΛ ΠΡICKOY ΓΡA AKMONEΩN, Hades-Serapis seated left, holding sceptre, right hand extended over Kerberos at foot. SNG Tuebingen 3920.TextFull Size
BMC 7Gallienus AE28 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. AVT K.. ΓAΛΛIHNΩ, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / AKMONEΩN, facing cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing between two stags, star above. BMC 7; SNG Britain 0602-1675. TextFull Size
BMC 109Gallienus AE31 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. 253-268 AD. AY T K ΠOY ΛIK ΓAΛIHNOC (sic), laureate draped cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / AKMONEΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder with right hand and cornucopiae with left. BMC 109-110. TextFull Size
BMC 112Gallienus, AE26 of Akmoneia, Phrygia, AD 253-268. 12.08 g. AVT K ΠOV ΛIK ΓAΛIHNOC, laureate, draped bust right / AKMONEΩN, Dionysos, naked, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot. BMC 112; SNG von Aulock 3383; Bernhart 149.TextFull Size
SNG vA 3384Gallienus, AE34 of Akmoneia, Phrygia. AYT K Π OY ΛIK ΓAΛΛIHNOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / AKMONEΩN, Herakles Farnese standing right, right hand behind back, resting on club set on rock. SNG von Aulock 3384.TextFull Size