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BMC 1Mysia, The Abbaeti AE20. ca 190-133 BC. Diademed head of Zeus right / MYΣΩN-ABBAITΩN above & below thunderbolt, all in laurel wreath. BMC 1; Mionnet 2; SNG Cop 1. TextFull Size
BMC 4Abbaitis, Phrygia. 2nd-1st c. BC. AE 20mm; 6.0g. Laureate head of Zeus right / MYΣΩN-ABBAITΩN above and below winged thunderbolt, all within wreath. MYHN monogram below. BMC 4.TextFull Size
BMC 8Abbaitis, Phrygia. AE, 4.74 gr. Head of Herakles right, in lionskin / lionskin draped over club. Magistrate's name above, ABBA and MYH monogram below, all within wreath. BMC 8.TextFull Size
BMC 9Abbaitis, Phrygia. AE16, 2nd-1st centuries BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / MYΣΩN ABBA and monogram above and beneath labrys (double-axe), all within wreath. BMC 9-10.TextFull Size
SNG Kikpe 1233Abbaetai, Phrygia ? AE. 1.05 g. 2-3rd c. BC. Bearded head right, possibly Poseidon. / ABBAE..below, bipennis above a fish right. SNG Kikpe I 1233.TextFull Size