Ancient Coinage of Phokis, Delphi

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BMC 4Delphi, Phokis. Ca 520-460 BC. AR Trihemiobol 11-12 mm, 1.20 g. Head of ram right / Two dolphins, facing upwards, all within incuse square. BMC 4; SNG Cop 140.TextImage
BMC 5Delphi, Phokis, AR obol, 500-480 BC. Tripod with three handles / Patera seen from above. BMC 5; SNG Cop. 143; McClean 5502.TextImage
SNG Cop 146Phokis, Delphi. ca 460-448 BC. AR Trihemiobol. Head of ram left, dolphin below / ΔAΛ, facing head of goat, flanked by dolphins, facing downwards, all within incuse square. BMC 17-18. TextImage
SNG Lockett 1709Delphi, Phokis, AR Triobol, ca. 356-346 BC, 15.5 mm, 2.79 g. Bull's head facing. / ΦΩ beneath head of the Delphian Apollo left, lyre behind head. Lockett 1709; Traité II-3, 391 var (Apollo head right).TextImage
Traité 1394Phokis, Delphi AR Trihemiobol. ca 520-460 BC. Head of ram right / two dolphins, facing downwards, all within incuse square. Traite 2, ii, 1394.TextImage
Williams 187Delphi (?), Phokis, c. 457-446 BC, AR hemidrachm / triobol, (3.02g) Bull's head facing. Head of Artemis right, Φ-O-K-I around, all in shallow incuse square. TextImage
Blum 1Antinoüs. AE 26mm of Phokis, Delphi. ANTINOON HΡΩA ΠΡOΠ.. AMΦIKTYONEC, bare head right / AΡICTO TIMOC ANEΘHKEIEΡEYC, Tripod with large base. Blum 1; Paris 36.TextImage
BMC 35Faustina I, AE24 of Delphi, Phokis. Pythian games issue. ΘEA ΦAVCTEINA, Draped bust right. / ΠYΘIA, prize table with wreath, amphora, golden apples and a raven. BMC 35-36; SNG Cop. 160 var.TextImage
BMC 39Faustina I AE21 of Delphi, Phokis. Pythian games issue. ΘEA ΦAYCTEINA, draped bust right. / ΠY-ΘI-A in three lines within wreath. BMC 39-40; Svoronos, Delphi 93-95; SNG Cop 163; Leake 8479; Paris 225-227; Weber 3196.TextImage
Mionnet 50Faustina I, AE21 of Delphi, Phokis. 6.06 g. After 141 AD. ΘEA ΦAYCTEINA, draped bust right / ΔEΛΦΩN, Athena standing right, holding shield on arm and brandishing spear. Mionnet Supp. III, 50.TextImage