Ancient Coinage of Persis

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Alekseev 41Uncertain Satrap of Persis or Phoenicia. AR Siglos, 6.14 gr. Bearded male head (a satrap?) right within incuse square / Sea-god Dagon (?) with human torso and fish's tail, right, head turned back, holding bunch of grapes and fish, within incuse square. Alekseev, "Greco-Persian coins from Izmail", 41.TextImage
Alram 526Persis, Kings of. Vahbarz. Circa 200-150 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Head of king, in diadem & leather cap / Fire altar, flanked by king & standard. TextImage
SGI 5938Namopat, Kingdom of Persis, AR Diobol. Diademed, draped, bearded bust left / Formal representation of a diadem as a double circle with two parallel lines. BMC 11.TextImage
Darius I
Sear 6194
Kingdom of Persis, Darius I, AR drachm, ca. 150 BC. 16 mm, 4.1 g. Head right, with short beard, wearing satrapal head-dress surmounted by crescent. / Fire altar with superstructure in the form of stepped battlements, Ahura-Mazdaa hovering above, to left king standing right, to right bird perched on standard. BMC 2; Sear 6194.TextImage
Persis, Oxatheres, AR Drachm, 50-0 BC. Diademed head left in Parthian style, triskeles before / King standing right by fire altar, Aramaic legend forming square. BMC 3 TextImage
Artaxerxes II
Sear 6212
Artaxerxes II, king of Persis, son of Dareios II. AR drachm. 3.85 g. 1st c. BC. Crowned and draped, bearded bust left, monogram behind head. / King standing left on the left, before a fire altar. Aramaic legend forming square around. BMC 1; Alram 570; Klose-Müseler 4.10; Sear Greek 6212.TextImage
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