Ancient Coinage of Peloponnesos, Kranion

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BMC 13
Sear SG 2923
Kranion, Peloponnesos. AR tetrobol, 450 BC. Archaic female head left. / Ram's head left within incuse square. BMC 13; Sear SG 2923.TextImage
BMC 15
Sear SG 2924
Kranion, Peloponnesos. AR obol, 400 BC. Ram's head right, sideways K below. / KΡA around ram's hoof. BMC 15 (this coin); Sear SG 2924.TextImage
BMC 15Peloponnesos, Kranion on Kephallenia. 431-330 BC. AR Trihemiobol (0.73 gm). Ram's head right / KΡA, Ram's hoof right. TextImage
BMC 16
Sear SG 2925
Kranion, Peloponnesos. AR tritaremorion, 400 BC. Head of gorgoneion facing. / K-Ρ-A in the angles of three T's arranged wheel-wise. BMC 16 (this coin); Sear SG 2925.TextImage
BMC 17Kranion, Peloponnesos. AR hemiobol, 400 BC. Ram's head right, sideways K below. / K-Ρ-A around large H, ivy-leaf to right. BMC 17 (this coin); Sear SG 2926.TextImage
BMC 18varKranion, Peloponnesos, AR 9mm. 1.4 g. Ram standing left / bow (?) within incuse, traces of 'K'. BMC 18 var (denomination).TextImage
BMC 24Islands Off Elis, Kephallenia. Kranion. 4th century BC. AE 14mm. 2.63 g. Crested helmet right / Large K in linear square within linear circle; all in shallow incuse circle. BMC 24.TextImage
BMC 28Peloponnesos, Kranion on Kephallenia. ca 300 BC. AE 12mm. Crested helmet left / Large K.TextImage
BMC 32-33
Sear SG 2927
Kranion, Peloponnesos. AR obol, 350 BC. Ram's head right. / KΡ-A around ram's hoof. BMC 32-36; Sear SG 2927.TextImage
BMC 54Kranion, Peloponnesos. AE14, 350 BC. Bull's head facing. / Large H. BMC 54-55; SNG Cop. 459.TextImage
Pozzi 4166Kephallenia. Kranion. Late 5th century BC. AR Hemiobol (7mm, 0.42 g). Hoof in profile / Quadripartite incuse square. Traité III 1228 = Pozzi (Boutin) 4166.TextImage
RPC 1359Islands Off Elis, Cephallenia. C. Proculeius L.f.. Ca 30-28 BC. AE As 22mm, 7.60 g. Terminal bust of Jupiter right; monogram behind / Skate fish. RPC 1359.31 (this coin); BMC 65 (Kranion); Winterthur 2185-6.TextImage
RPC 1360Kranion, Achaia, AE16 Semis, C. Proculeius L.f. Struck under Octavian 30-28 BC. 2.82g. Head of Jupiter right; monogram behind head / C PRO-CVLEI L–F, bipennis (double axe). BMCRR II 235; RPC 1360; Syd. 1341.TextImage
SNG Cop 452Kranion, Kephallenia, Islands off Elis. Early 4th century BC. AR Triobol, 13mm, 2.98 g. KΡANI, Ram standing left / D (or bow) within incuse square. SNG Copenhagen 452; Traité I pl. 39, 20; Dewing 1910; Winterthur 2176-7.TextImage
SNG Cop 456Kephallenia, Kranion. Circa 4th century BC. AE 15mm. Ram standing right / Bow in oblong shallow incuse. TextImage
SNG Cop 459Islands Off Elis, Kephallenia. Kranion. 4th century BC. AE 14mm (3.20 g). Bucranium / Large H. SNG Copenhagen 459; BMC 58.TextImage
Sear SG 2928Kranion, Peloponnesos. c400-350 BC. AE 16mm. Ram standing left / Bow within incuse rectangle. BMC 18.TextImage
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