Ancient Coinage of Palestine, Tiberias

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RPC 4852Claudius AE 20mm of Tiberias in Palestine. Dated RY 13 = 53-54 AD. Palm branch; date across field / TIBE-ΡIAC in two lines within wreath. SNG ANS 1098.TextImage
RPC 2243Vespasian, for Agrippa II, AE24 of Tiberias, Palestine. AYTOKΡA OYECΠACI KAICAΡI CEBACTΩ, laureate head right / ET ΔI-BA, AΓΡI-ΠΠA in two lines across fields, Tyche standing left, kalathos on head, holding two corn-ears and cornucopiae. RPC 2243; Meshorer 7; Paris 139.TextImage
RPC 2254Vespasian AE26 of Tiberias, Palestine. Dated local year 18, AD 77-78. 14.79 g. AYTOKΡA OYECΠA KAICAΡI CEBACTω, laureate head right. / ETOY-HIB-A AΓΡI-ΠΠA across fields, Tyche, kalathos on head, standing left, holding two corn-ears and cornucopiae. RPC II 2254; Meshorer 14; Sofaer 195.TextImage
Hendin 912Trajan AE 28mm of Tiberias, Palestine. Dated CY 81 = 99/100 CE. AYTOKΡ KAIC NEΡ TΡAINOC (...), laureate bust right, in aegis / TIBEΡIEΩN T KΛAYΔIOC, Tyche of Tiberias standing on prow left, holding rudder & cornucopiae; date ET-AΠ across field. SNG ANS 1099.TextImage
Hendin 913Trajan AE19 of Tiberias, Palestine. AVT KA NE TΡAIANOC ΓEΡ, laureate head right / TIBEΡ KΛAYΔ, two crossed cornucopiae with palm between, date in ex. Rosenberger 9.TextImage
SNG ANS 1116Hadrian AE 14mm of Tiberias, Palestine. Dated year 101 = 119-120 AD. AV TΡA AΔΡIANOC KAIC CEB, Laureate head right / TIBEΡ KΛAY, galley sailing left, LAP (date) in ex. Rosenberger 15.TextImage
SNG ANS 1114Hadrian AE21 of Tiberias, Palestine. Year 101 = 119-120 AD. AVT TΡA AΔΡIANΩ KAIC CEB, laureate head right / TIBEΡ KΛAYΔ, Tyche standing left, right foot on prow, holding bust in right hand, standard in left; date (L-AP) across field. Rosenberger 13, BMC 31.TextImage
Hendin_914Hadrian AE23 of Tiberias in Palestine. Dated year 101 = 119-120 AD. AVT TΡA AΔΡAINΩ KAIC CEB, laureate bust right / TIBEΡ KΛAYΔ, Zeus seated left holding sceptre, within tetrastyle temple, date ET AP in ex. Rosenberger 12, SNGANS 1110.TextImage
Rosenberger 17Elagabalus AE25 of Tiberias. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / Bearded figure standing right, inside distyle temple, holding bust and spear. Rosenberger 17.TextImage
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