Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Prokonnesos

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SNG France 2421Prokonessos, Mysia, AR diobol. 400-280 BC. 1.22 gr. Head of Aphrodite right, hair in sakkos, wearing earring and necklace / ΠΡOKON, Forepart of stag recumbent right, head left. SNG France 2421.TextImage
SNGFr 2424Mysia, Prokonnesos. Circa 4th-3rd Century BC. AE 11mm. Laureate female head right / Oenochoe. BMC 3 var. TextImage
SNGvA 1437Prokonnesos, Islands off Mysia. Ca 400-350 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Head of Aphrodite left, hair in sphendone / OinochoŽ. TextImage
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