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Aulock Lyk. 77Marcus Aurelius AE26 of Derbe, Lycaonia. AD 164. 10.2 g. AYTOK KAIC M AYΡH ANTωN CEB, laureate, draped bust right / KΛAY ΔEΡB KOI ΛYKA, Dionysos standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot left. Aulock Lykaonien 77.TextFull Size
Lindgren I 1375Faustina II, AE20 of Derbe, Lycaonia. 5.4 g. ΦAYCTEINA CEBACTH, draped bust left / KΛAY ΔEΡB KOI ΛYKAONIAC, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Lindgren I 1375 (this coin); von Aulock Lykaonien 78.TextFull Size
SNG France 2263Faustina II, AE20 of Derbe, Lycaonia. 4.99 g. FAYCTEINA CEBACTH, draped bust left / KLAY DERB KOI LYKAONIAS, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Waddington 1 in RN 1883; SNG France 2263; Paris 12 (this coin).TextFull Size
SNGvA 79Lucius Verus 161-169, Derbe, Lycaonia, AE 24. AVT KAI Λ AVΡH OVHΡOC CEBA, Lucius Verus bust left / KΛAV ΔEΡB KOI ΛYKAONIAC, Herakles standing, holding club, lion's skin and apple. von Aulock, Lycaoniens, 79-80.TextFull Size
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